The Grinch I’m not.  I LOVE decorating for any holiday, but Christmas…well, it’s a special delight to haul out the boxes of Christmas decorations.

Or rather, it’s a delight to begin setting out my treasures after JOEL hauls out the boxes. (Thanks, honey!)

Last time I showed you living room, kitchen, entry, and dining. Let’s keep going…

Master before

After: do you like to decorate EVERY ROOM for the holidays? I DO! But how easy is this: more simple greenery and pops of red.  I’m seeing a theme here…

Accent wall  before

Accent wall after:

Family room before

Family room after:

Fireplace before

Fireplace after: greenery, red, neutrals. Done!

Can you tell decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do? If you’re in the Dallas area and wishing the Christmas fairy godmother would come to your house and decorate with YOUR treasures, I MAY have a booking left if you contact me right away!

Let’s talk! 

Our family Christmas memorabilia–Santa photos and Christmas frames–is just mixed in with all my quirky and eclectic collections. What do you always include in your holiday decor? Treasured childhood ornaments? Embroidered stockings? Grandma’s pie plate?

Are you feeling like you need some Christmas cheer? Have you downloaded my Holiday E-Book to guide you through? Be sure you get these helpful hints! Find it here!

And as always, I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation.  Just click on Let’s Talk to email me. We can book a time to talk and start making design fun!