Is this you? You go out to pick up, like, a pine garland for your mantel but come home so demoralized by the fabulous array of designer Christmas trees in the store that you want to cancel Christmas. You stare forlornly at your boxes of tired ornaments and smushed tinsel and sigh for the Christmas tree of your dreams. “Oh, if only I could style a Christmas tree like a designer!” I get the struggle. While I love my hoards of Christmas decor, I sometimes want to start from scratch and create a NEW masterpiece.

This year, I got to and I am sharing my tips with you and giving you a special discount for being a reader!

I’m so jazzed to share my experience with the Decorator’s Warehouse “Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge”.  What an honor I had to be invited to partner with them, imagine a tree–and then create it! Let me tell you about it, and I hope you’ll be inspired to “tree-mendous” new Christmas tree decorating ideas!


shopping for Christmas tree decorations

Now, I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so my blog hop with Decorator’s Warehouse began with hopping in my SUV and driving over to their amazing store in Arlington (which is situated nicely between the D and the FW).  But even if you live in Poughkeepsie, NY or Wall Walla, WA,  you still have access to ALLLLLL the amazing Decorator’s Warehouse goodies via their online store.

When they say, “warehouse”, folks, they are not kidding.  Options? I’m telling you, we have options! I’ve never seen the likes of choices of Christmas ribbon, Christmas flowers, Christmas tree sprays, and Christmas tree ornaments! I was like a kid in a candy store–my decorator’s brain went into overdrive! CANNOT HANDLE THIS AMOUNT OF FUN AT ONE TIME.

Now, this aside: while I truly love a red and green Christmas (the better to spotlight all my vintage Santas, my dear), I was in the mood for a nontraditional approach this year. So, revving up my shopping cart, I had an idea what I thought I wanted and started pulling a host of peacock blue ribbon, sprays and ornaments. But you know how it is. Somehow, when I laid it all out in the store, I just wasn’t feeling it.

blue blush gold ornaments

However! I was inspired by some pieces in the mix that pointed me in another direction.  I saw a vision come together in a different palette: navy, blush pink and champagne gold. Suddenly it all clicked and I was ON it! With my colorway established, I began choosing my elements.  The oh-so-kind Decorator’s Warehouse staff helped me figure out how much ribbon and how many ornaments and sprays I needed based on the size of my tree. In no time at all I rolled my carts of incredible decorations to the checkout.

(Now, here is an indispensable tip if you’re feeling stuck like I was. If you can’t come up with a vision that feels like YOU, Decorator’s Warehouse also has a Christmas tree bundle service. You can actually shop themed trees online and preview the look you want–from Winter Woodland to Farmhouse Christmas to Santa’s Sweet Shop–and they will gather all the goodies to make that tree happen and ship it right to your door! Is that incredible, or what?)

But for you intrepid DIYers, those kind folks at Decorator’s Warehouse will help you choose your components in-store based on your theme and tree size, just like they did for me.


car full of Christmas decorations

When I reached home and unloaded my car full of treasures, I was beyond excited to start with my blank slate and build the Christmas tree of my dreams.  Decorator’s Warehouse actually has some extremely helpful tutorials for pulling your tree together, but allow me to summarize for you.


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How to actually decorate the tree with your elements? Read on!

decorating Christmas tree

1. Make a topper from your themed sprays and florals

Choose a tall stem and push it in at the top along the post of your tree. Add one or two more stems from your theme in different textures. Finish with a large floral or two at the base of the topper–or use a large ribbon bow, as I did.

navy champagne gold tree decorations

2. Add the designer secret–ribbon!

Create ribbon loops and fasten to tree branches–you can actually wrap the branches to hold them. Or just use some twisty ties. Cascade and zigzag down the tree, filling in areas as needed. Cut the ribbon after two loops and fishtail-cut the end for a nice finish.  Tip: you get a great designer look by using a wide ribbon first, and then going back and filling in other areas with a slightly narrower ribbon in a different color and/or material.

I used a wide two tone navy ribbon and a shimmery silver ribbon, as well. My excitement mounted with each step!

3. Next, florals and sprays

Ooh la la! This step truly takes your tree into the designer realm!  I chose navy, silver and champagne poinsettias and magnolias, as well as a glam assortment of coordinating stems from icy branches to metallic cedar sprays and champagne berry clusters.  You can group your stems to fill in any large gaps, and then add single stems to cover smaller gaps. Get creative!  There are no rules here–just make something lovely!

4. Lastly, the ornaments!

Start with the largest ornaments to fill the biggest areas, then add in your smaller ornaments.  You’ll get the most bang for your buck by varying your ornaments’ size, shape, and texture. My choices included faceted and smooth navy ball ornaments and coordinating beaded balls in silver, champagne and blush.  Be still, my heart!

Friends, I had a fabulous experience with Decorator’s Warehouse and a delightful time decorating my tree in this new colorway. I really am not exaggerating.

I can’t recommend things I don’t personally love, and I am now shouting from the rooftops how much I loved this experience.

blue blush champagne christmas tree

You see? It’s not hard  (especially with the help of folks like Decorator’s Warehouse) to decorate a truly unique and gorgeous Christmas tree! I hope you’re encouraged to step out of your “same-old” and envision a new look for you and your family to enjoy this season.

A final note: um, stuff happens. My final decorator’s tip is to fasten your tree securely in your tree stand. Don’t be like me and try to move it around. It could just possibly tip over as you’re making your final adjustments and you might need a friend to help you lift and stabilize it.

Just saying.  My tree completely fell over, all 9 ft of it.

But I’m fine, I’m fine.

(Since this potential exists–or if you have young children at your home, which exponentially increases potential for disaster, let me go ahead and give you the link for Decorator’s Warehouse Christmas shatterproof ornaments!)

Enjoy the magic of Christmas!


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