Whoop! My YouTube decor and design show launches NEXT WEEK, on February 14.  And one of the topics I’m going to get to pretty early is those DECOR REGRETS we all have had.  Here are five to consider until I can visit with you about this via YouTube.

Decorating Mistake #1: Nostalgia furniture

The happy memories of that chair/sofa/bed/table at Grandma’s may not translate to your current home.  Sometimes the furniture fits in (maybe as an accent piece), but often it doesn’t.  Keep the memory and let the item go.  Refresh your home with good quality, classic pieces.

 bedroom before  dallas designer accent wall wallpaper

Decorating Mistake #2: Overdoing trends that don’t age well.

For example, heavy baronial-style furniture (often with iron accents) had its day, along with Tuscan kitchens.  If you bought into some of this look, it may be time to trade your big, brown furniture for a lighter, brighter approach. Don’t overinvest in decor fads that will soon be gone.

living room before  living room after courtney warren

Decorating Mistake #3: Too color shy

Don’t do beige (or greige) just because it seems “safe”.  Who wants safe? A punch of color can take a room from “meh” to “My oh my!”

bedroom playroom before courtney warren  accent walls feature walls painted ceiling

Decorating Mistake #4: Forgetting your tape measure

Trust me: the “oh-that-looks-about-right” approach in the furniture store does NOT WORK. Take measurements of your room (better yet, draw out a scale model on paper or use a room design app) and buy the right scale furniture to start with. Furniture that is either too big or too small throws the whole room off.

den before courtney warren  dallas designer transitional style

Decorating Mistake #5: Cheaping out on lighting

Whether it’s inadequate lighting, the wrong kind of lighting (fluorescent!) or the wrong style, your lighting choices have a huge influence on how your room looks AND functions. Make sure you have good general overhead lighting as well as task lighting–then add in lovely accent lighting.

 kitchen before courtney warren   courtneywarren.com

Do you have decor errors you’re trying to fix? If you live in the DFW area, here’s some good news! For my new YouTube show, I am accepting submissions from individuals or families that need a home/room refresh or even a total makeover! If you are interested in submitting your home for consideration in this new series, please email [email protected] with the subject “YouTube Makeover”.

I specialize in helping you love your home!

Will you join me on Youtube Feb. 14 at the Courtney Warren Home Youtube page?

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I’ll see you there!