If you jump at the thought of making New Year’s resolutions for your health but not your home–I urge you to reconsider. Maybe some of you are facing decorating quandaries that you don’t know how to solve. Or you think upgrading your home will cost too much or be too complicated. There are New Year’s resolutions for your home that you can make right now (that will uplift your energy and mood).

Because your home should reflect your style, how you live, and most of all–make you happy!

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Make Multi-functional Spaces

Since so many of us live and work from home more than we ever have, it makes sense to start here. Are there any spaces in your home that serve a dual function? For example, have you converted your dining room into a makeshift office or work zone for your kids?

Let’s arm you with a few need-to-know tips about how to make these spaces work smarter:

First, consider switching a formal space (that doesn’t get a lot of use) into something different. For example, convert your dining room into a “hangout room.” You can swap out your sofa for a day bed. This adds seating and an extra spot to accommodate an overnight guest (or two if you get a trundle).

Top Tip: Always designate storage zones for useful items that you need to stash away. Think books, DVDs, school supplies, or crafting supplies. Use baskets or decorative furniture elements that have plenty of storage.

Second option? Work what you have. If you have a great room– make it multi-purposeful. YES, one room can function as a lounge, dining room, office, AND family game night space. 
new year's resolutions for your home
To accomplish this–you need to rethink your layout and add storage. If you have an empty wall, consider installing built-ins or retractable furniture. Think mountable wall desks that can fold out when needed. If you have an empty corner, place a compact writer’s desk with a comfortable upholstered chair.
If you’re very tight on space and don’t like to put everything away after every work or school session, find a closet instead.
Closets don’t always have to remain closets. You can transform these spaces into a working office. Or even a meditation room.
Top Tip: As you restructure your spaces–think about what you need most right now. A study area? A work from home office? A crafting room? Then, reimagine your current spaces. What can you move? Which spare room can you transform? Or, what can you elminate to create new spots in your home?

Use Peaceful, calming, comforting elements

As you train your spaces to work smarter for you, don’t forget to set the mood. Using peaceful and calming elements in your spaces is always a surefire way to boost your inner zen.

A few of my personal favorites:

  • Natural elements like cotton throws, jute rugs, and soft linen pillows.
  • Rattan baskets to store away essentials and keep (needed) clutter out of sight.
  • Soothing aromatic candles like lavender and chamomile (or diffusers for essential oils).
  • Bringing the outdoors in– ferns, fiddle fig leaf trees, and snake plants are a few good ones to keep! Plants add beauty to any space and act as air purifiers.
  • Place a small vase of flowers in every room. This adds a touch of serenity to every space.

Top tip: You don’t need to buy expensive flowers either. You can make a beautiful arrangement for your kitchen island or coffee table by using super market flowers. Also try spliting one bouquet into a few bunches and spread them around. Here’s how I use supermarket flowers to do the trick!

new year's resolutions for your home

Incorporate new colors

Even if you restructure your spaces and add calming elements, the design won’t come together if your wall colors aren’t right.

Especially if you have an open space floorplan where all your spaces connect, in this instance, I wouldn’t recommend drastically changing the colors between your spaces. Like, going from lime green to dark blue.

A fresh coat of paint is usually a simple DIY job, but if you’re not too handy– it’s always best to hire a pro. Painting a space can instantly transform it. If you have a smaller space, picking a nice creamy white (that’s not too stark) will make the space appear bigger.

If you’re looking for something bolder, though, dark blues are always a good choice!

Don’t’ forget! Always test and LIVE with your paint samples first before committing to one color. A paint color’s undertones, lighting, and LRV will change how they appear to you.

If you’re thinking–wait a minute! What’s LRV and undertones?

Check out my blog post here for answers!

Make informed decisions as you tackle any new year’s resolutions for your home

Only fools rush into painting and home improvement jobs without thinking things through. Do your research before you start any project. This way, you don’t spend extra time, energy, OR money on redos.

3 top rules I always follow:

  1. Hire an electrician to do your electrical work (even when you’re replacing a chandelier).
  2. Don’t paint your kitchen cabinets on your own — hire a pro for this one too.
  3. Always measure your spaces before buying furniture, so you know it will be a perfect fit. Consider the depth, length, width, and height of each piece (especially the big ones like sofas).

Roll away the clutter

As you brainstorm your home to-dos, be mindful of items you run into. If you’re emptying a closet space to make a home office, take out any clutter simultaneously.

Getting rid of things you no longer use (or love) is a guaranteed method for giving your spaces a fresh, new feel.

Plus, donating your unused items to Goodwill, a close friend or family member, is more productive than it sitting somewhere collecting dust. It’s a win-win.

By the way, don’t go overboard! Start small. Every week, assign one drawer, basket, or cabinet to go through. In one month, you’ll clear the clutter from four spaces.

So which New Year’s resolutions for your home will you try?

new year's resolutions for your home


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