I’ve been busy with soooo many things, including Ask a Designer Week on Facebook.  Your burning design questions ANSWERED! Did you see my Facebook post about accent walls?  If not, catch it here.

(And yes, your accent wall could even be your CEILING! I promise.)

dallas designer painted ceiling

I have a friend who moved into a 1970’s home in the 90’s. Nearly every room in the house had a wallpaper accent wall.  She promptly removed every one of them, textured, and painted.  Back then, accent walls were Just. So. Yesterday.

That’s because they were yesterday’s accent walls.

Fast forward to today, and cast your eye around home design trends.  You can’t help but notice…

Accent walls are back–but better than ever!

I love bringing new versions of the accent wall (a.k.a. “feature walls”) into my designs.  Wouldn’t you like to try one of these? Take a peek!

Dallas interior designer accent walls

1. A painted wall

Why do we even need accent walls? Well, for one thing, a focal wall draws you into the room. Paint is an easy way to create a focal wall. Now, you could simply paint one wall a much deeper tone of your other walls.  Or (especially in a modern setting) try a bright pop of accent color on one wall.  Then, too, you could go bold or go home, like we did in these clients’ rooms: create a plaid wall with painter’s tape and three shades of paint–or even a Swiss cross wall.

Dallas interior designer city loft

2. A shiplap/wood wall

Dallas interior designer farmhouse accent wall

Everywhere you look, we are mad for wood. Wood furniture, artisan accessories, live edge countertops–and walls! Shiplap, whether painted white, a color, or using rustic/recycled wood, has gained a LOT of traction. I adore it, so I’ve found a lot of different expressions of this trend to use it in my own home, as well as for clients. Is there one of these that sings to you?

Dallas interior designer farmhouse accent wall

dallas designer farmhouse accent wall

Dallas interior designer farmhouse accent wall wainscoting

My client’s bold reinvented foyer features a herringbone wainscoting wall. We used a funky combination of #1 (paint) and #2 (wood).

HOUZZ loved it!   What do you think?

Dallas interior designer farmhouse accent wall wood

How about the orientation of the wood? Horizontal, herringbone–in this home we chose vertical!  You get to decide which direction makes the most sense for your type of wood, its finish, and the look you want to achieve with your accent wall.

A popular application with wood now is creating architectural interest and dimension with board and batten or wood boxed panels using moulding. A carpenter (or very handy helper) could help you create this effect! Not sure where to start? I’d love to help you!

3. A stone wall

Dallas interior designer accent wall stone

Rustic or refined, a stone or brick accent wall can define an area, as it does my client’s dining room, while adding just the right amount of drama to the decor.

4. A wallpaper wall–new ways!

Dallas interior designer farmhouse accent wall

Banish thoughts of gingham kitchens, peach seashell bathrooms and ivy arbor living rooms–this is NOT your grandmother’s wallpaper!

Wallpapers today are fresher than ever, with exciting new prints, textures and colors–even murals.  Don’t be afraid to try out wallpaper now, especially on an accent wall. You’ll be amazed at the pizzazz it can bring to your room!

Dallas interior designer bedroom accent wall

Maybe a room or two at your house could benefit from an accent wall? Hmmm… Let’s talk!