April Showers–and Other Bath Redo Inspiration for Spring

Spring cleaning time is here, and if anything makes you want a bathroom remodel it’s trying to get that old tile and vanity looking new.

Well, ok, maybe you’d settle for just “better”.

But if you’ve come to the realization that it may be time to, um,  throw in the towel on that aging bath and start demolition, scroll through this client project of mine for some major inspiration. There’s nothing like–a clean start!

These Frisco clients had a really nice house with pretty blah baths. Not anymore!  I loved their willingness to try some spunkier style–they happily took my suggestion for an inspiring day-starter tiled into the shower floor!

  Would you dare to do black glossy hex tile and wallpaper on the bathroom walls?  The family was blown away by how stylish this bath turned out!

The brass lighting and fixtures are a perfect pairing with some rustic touches. Would you have chosen this combo? I think it’s crazy good! (Psst–white towels are so luxe, don’t you think?  And in a bustling large family, they are oh-so-bleachable.)

Below is bath before. Better now, right?

Another bath in the same home definitely needed some style…

2nd bath before:

…so we gave it the STAR treatment!  I think I could begin my day happy here, how about you? (And how adorable is that antique-looking TP holder?? You didn’t know you needed that till now!)


There are so many stylish new products for bathrooms! I’m liking this patterned tile trend so much. Are you inspired to try it at your house? Let’s talk!

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