5 Ideas for an At-Home Grad Celebration This Year

We’re dealing with a lot of changes just now, but one thing that hasn’t changed is pride in our graduates. How can we show them our pride and celebrate their accomplishment, even though we can’t invite others in for now? Here are some ideas for an at-home family graduation celebration that your graduate will never forget!

1. Special foods, of course.

Take in the takeout! You can order in a TexMex feast, or a Chinese buffet, or a pizza-palooza. Maybe your grad wants his favorites fresh off the backyard grill. Easy enough to fire it up, then finish off with–oh, yeah!–a s’mores bar!  Or serve up a fun and festive ice cream party–who doesn’t love ice cream?! (These make my mouth water!)

ice cream party

ice cream party ideas

 2. Special serving

Don’t skimp on the presentation: feature school colors and the grad theme. Online stores are your friend, for sure! Set out a special plate for the grad on a festively set table.

This is a great start for a table…love this for a tablecloth you can write on and throw away

Cute Graduation party pack

Gold paper straws

Love this Mexican Glass bottle coke

Vintage crate- only one

celebration plate

Video call the grandparents and toast the grad together!

graduation party drinks

3. Special memories

I love to display special keepsakes, as I did here with items from my wedding day.  Honor your grad’s senior year by putting memorabilia on display in frames, shadowboxes, or even on big posters.

graduation party keepsakes

Get your grad’s help setting up a celebratory display: jerseys, ribbons, medals and certificates, photos of friends and memorable events. And be sure to photograph and  video the party to share with others.  Create a private Facebook page to share memories and allow others to wish the grad future success.  I love this shadow box… and this frame

4. Special games

graduation party team gaming

There are shortages out there, but no shortage of team gaming. Your grad and her teammates can begin conquering the world by a team win of their favorite online game. (Here’s mine!!)

grad yard sign

photo via bigdotofhappiness.com

5. Special announcement

And, of course, a yard sign. Their friends will know where to drive by and honk!

Love a lot, laugh together, and celebrate your grad’s achievement as a family. Hey, there are some compensations for missing the stadium ceremony: for the first time, your grad gets to pick his or her own graduation speaker!

Need a round up of cute party ideas?

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graduation party at home

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