Mothers Day is fast approaching.

Hopefully you won’t get exercise equipment, diet books, or wrinkle cream. Or cleaning equipment. Or kitchen appliances of ANY KIND.

Actually, moms tell me that they really crave a spot at home they can call their own.

Because we’re hunkering down at home, moms everywhere are doing double and triple duty.  We’re employees and homeschool teachers while keeping our role as chief cook and bottlewasher.

So are you dreaming of a she shed? A craft room or home office? A sitting/reading area, or a bedroom retreat?

I’ve helped my clients with all of the above! I’d love to help you create this special space in your home. By all means, feel free to send your kids and/or spouse this link for a gift box that includes my design services.

design gift box

It’s true. Moms give and give, and their own needs often end up last. They need a spot to relax and recharge their batteries. See this sweet and soothing bedroom? We redid this master for a deserving mom in my community. She LOVED it!

Dallas designer farmhouse bedroom

Depending on the size of your master bedroom, you might wish for a relaxing zone like this one we created in my client’s home.  Envision yourself here, Mom, with your favorite magazine and a cup of coffee, the sun pouring over your shoulder (and the kids at Grandma’s? Someday!)

bedroom sitting area

But even a comfy chair and a table for coffee is a step in the right direction.

bedroom chair

Is a workout, not a chill out, more your style? A designated exercise room would be amazing!

workout room

Musically inclined but your instrument languishes in storage or in a forgotten corner? What about a room refresh that stars your piano? (Or guitars. Or even your record player and your vinyl collection?)

piano room

It’s important, as Virginia Woolf said, to have “a room of one’s own”. A place for Your Things. Your Projects.

craft room office

I believe it!  So, how can we make it happen for YOU?

home office workspace design ideas

Do you have your own Mom space at home? If not, what are you dreaming of? Either way, send a photo to my Facebook page!
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