We’re about to make it SUPER easy for you to fill every room in your home with color. If you can’t think of the right paint colors to splash in your spaces, we’ve got a few designer tricks up our sleeves to help! 

By the way, picking the right color isn’t ALL about looks. A color’s job is to strategize. For example, use classic colors to increase your home’s resale value because neutral colors appeal to most buyers. There’s also a science and personality behind color. 

Blues are a favorite because they promote peace and trust. Blues are also the most liked colors by females and males. SO, choosing the right color palette is a sneaky (and successful) way to set the right mood for your projects. 

First, let’s start with the top color choices of 2020, according to Home Advisor:

2020 Paint Colors of the Year

Benjamin Moore: First Light

Got a depressing space that needs a pick-me-up? First Light is a pale pink shade inspired by the first light of dawn. It also has subtle blue undertones. It’s a happy shade that can also function as a neutral for a larger room. BUT it’s still pink. So if you’re not ready to commit to something feminine with a kick, we wouldn’t go for this one.

Sherwin-Williams: Naval

A vibrant navy shade that can cocoon a small bathroom or fill a whole room to UP the drama factor. It’s a luxe color that may remind you of the sea or a night sky.

Behr: Back to Nature

It really feels like you’re bringing the outside IN. It’s also very calming, so it’s an excellent choice for a bedroom space–guaranteed to distress and unwind you!

PPG Paints: Chinese Porcelain

This is a statement color in every way. It’s a moody cobalt that’s sure to make a pop! You can use this color to create a stunning entrance or a daring accent wall. Even though it’s a brighter blue, it will still promote calm and restful vibes.

Valspar: 12 Natural Hues

We’re excited about this one! Valspar created an earth-inspired palette that does do justice to Mother Nature. This collection of soft shades includes:

Winter Calm

Mint Whisper

Canyon Earth

Grey Brook

Tempered Sage

Desert Fortress

Secluded Garden

Bombay Pink

Pale Powder

Utterly Blue

Crushed Out

Secret Moss

These are gentle, soothing shades because of their natural hues. A seamless choice for grounding a space and getting cozy.

 Pantone: Classic Blue

A real, SOLID blue. It’s peaceful and reliable. It’s an excellent choice for an office space where you need to focus AND stay calm through stressful meetings.

Regardless of whether there’s a color on that list that works for you… there are basic color techniques you should consider. Here are our tips: 

#1 Pro Tip:

Never base your color choice from an online photo or magazine. Always perform test spots on your wall. Why? Every color has an UNDERTONE. Undertones dictate how colors appear to you depending on their light and surroundings. Blue undertones are cool, while red undertones can make a color feel warmer. Three savvy methods to try:

  1. The”Snap it Button” from Sherwin-Williams that turns any online images into a personalized paint palette.
  2. You can buy paint samples (they range from about 8oz-1 qt) at most hardware stores instead of committing to a huge 11lb bucket right away.
  3. There’s also platforms like Samplize that deliver simple peel-and-stick stickers made with REAL paint. No cleanup, and you’ll get a perfect visual of your color choice that ships to you within 24 hours.

Use the 60-30-10 Rule

Designer Mark McCauley suggests that when you decorate a space, divide your colors into components:

60 percent of a dominant color (walls)

30 percent of a secondary color (upholstery)

10 percent of an accent color (accessories)

This ratio ensures your balance your colors AND get just the right amount of pop!

Look at a Color Wheel

A color wheel is a handy old-school tool that helps you see the relationship between colors. Analogous color schemes (colors right next to each other) are a nice pair. Think blue and green! Both colors are relaxing and great for spaces like bedrooms where you want to zen out.

Make it Personal

Don’t want to get too technical? There’s a simple way to learn about which colors will work for you –look at your closet! The colors that prance your wardrobe are the same ones that will flatter your living spaces. SO, if you love denim, consider a navy blue sofa. If you’re a bit perkier and love brighter colors, try mixing in a few citrusy accents like orange florals or yellow-striped pillows. Or, if you love rustic spaces, go for warm wood and caramel tones. 

Keep it Classic

Two classics that will never fail you are black and white. Black grounds a space and adds clarity to a room. It also can make a statement if you want a “high-drama vibe.” White creates a clean and airy feel. Whites also complement any decor or style.

Stay Neutral 

Whites, creams, and grays are the best neutrals. Grays have a chameleon-like quality. Depending on where you place the color, it can appear warm or cold! It also pairs beautifully with many colors on the spectrum, including pastels or kicky colors like a hot pink or lime green!

Use Nature

As we enter fall, we see the warmest colors on the wheel come to life: orange pumpkin farms and red apple orchards. Yellow fall foliage puddled by the driveway. What’s not to love? It’s the best time to embrace warmer hues, whether it’s through a super small accessory like throw pillows or mums for your front porch. OR, go BIG. Try amber drapery or gingham patterned accent chairs.

For interior spaces, natural colors like indigo and navy blues work well too. Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue is one of our favorites. Moss, wheat, and olive tones are some of nature’s most celebrated shades as well.

I hope you enjoyed these painting tips! We’re excited to see your projects come to life. Leave your comments on my Facebook page!

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