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You know, I love my home, but more than that I love the people IN my home.  One of my great joys is creating an atmosphere at home that celebrates those I love. You can, too!

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

 Valentine's Day Decor, Farmhouse Kitchen Dallas Ellis County

Whether it’s word art on a shelf or throws on the sofa, I like to surround my guys with reminders in our house that they are loved.
Use fireplace mantels (or faux, like mine, if you don’t have one) for celebration banners.
 Valentine's Day Decor, Farmhouse Kitchen Dallas Ellis County

Elevate even a simple treat on a cake stand as a special way to celebrate an occasion.

treats on cake stand

Serve breakfast cereal with a pretty presentation as an act of love (Save it for Saturday, though, when you’re not trying to beat the school bell!)

special breakfast

How about using a special plate for a birthday dinner? So easy, but it’s something your loved one will long remember.

celebration plate

Just displaying family treasures, photos, even the family initial–signals to your dear ones that they are special to you and that your family is at the core of who you are.  The pretty, on-trend items from the home store are great, but don’t forget the personal touches.

Valentine's Day Decor, Farmhouse Kitchen Dallas Ellis County

Display your special couple day or birthdays in big numbers!

anniversary numbers

And of course, on Valentines Day, you can pull out all the stops and party hearty at home with your favorite people!

Valentine's Day Decor, Farmhouse Kitchen Dallas Ellis County

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I specialize in helping you love your home!