Let’s turn pumpkins into true works of art for your porch and mantle. We love using traditional colors like white and orange but don’t mind sneaking into something more colorful from time to time. We love pumpkin decorating ideas that are super budget-friendly and fun to take on for fall. 

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Why Pumpkins

In Texas, we don’t see the dramatic seasonal changes that other parts of the country do.  So, while we wait for fall to show outdoors, we’re all about bringing in fun fall decor indoors.

And what says fall more than pumpkins?

Pumpkins are an icon of fall decorating.  They can be real and orange, but they don’t have to be!

Go for bejeweled, sheeny velvet, or a glitzy gold instead! There are many options for you out there, no matter what style speaks to you. For my mantel last fall, I kept it neutral. I used white pumpkins, whitewashed wood candlesticks, white crockery, and white crates against white shiplap.

This fall, I’m bringing in some pops of pink. Stay tuned!

On and around my home, I also use a combo of glazed ceramic pumpkins,

wood pumpkins,

burlap pumpkins,

gingham pumpkins,

tin pumpkins,

chenille pumpkins–

and some tiny real ghost pumpkins.

I think the mix of pumpkin shapes and textures creates an exciting display!

Use Pumpkins for your Mantel

Fireplace mantels are the perfect place to create a fall-inspired focal point (and show off your pumpkins). The best part about fall decorating is that you can pull items from all around your home and garden. Upcycle your wooden boxes, bowls, and trays! Use wire or mesh baskets and potted plants or faux greenery.

As you decorate your mantel, keep it simple:

Work in some greenery. Greenery adds liveliness and color to any space. Opt-in for fresh pine garlands, hydrangeas, or aromatic eucalyptus stems.

Create a variety of textures. Incorporate burlap, wood, metal, and glass elements. Use an amber glass vase with dried florals for a pop of rustic charm. Add a wooden lantern on the side for a nice juxtaposition. Try different pumpkin textures–felt pumpkins or glossy ceramic.

If you use the same texture throughout, your display will look dull and uninviting. 

Keep the eye moving. Create variance in height. See what I did below? You can’t draw a straight line through! Every item is placed either higher or lower than the next. Voilah, we’ve got some visual interest!

❷ Front Porch Pumpkin Decorating

Pack your front porch with personality and turn up the swag on your front door. Use harvest wreaths, bunches of hay, and wooden apple crates.

When I decorate my front porch for fall, here are a few design tricks I use:

Symmetry. I decorate both sides of my front door while creating different heights on each side. But, each side still aligns with the other.

Use a mix. I never use the same materials and colors on each step. I place my mums in various planters, including galvanized metal, wood, and chalkboard black ceramic pots. This allows each decor piece to stand out while also keeping things balanced.

Pick natural fibers. Easy to love outdoor rugs are a great choice for front porch decor. Natural fiber rugs also come in various patterns. These textiles create instant warmth and texture. Plus, they provide a perfect canvas for layering wood tones, colorful pumpkins, and patterns.

❸ Turn it up a notch

When you decorate with pumpkins, paint them with a silhouette of your favorite state. Or, paint your house number as a guide for trick-or-treaters and holiday guests alike. It’s a much more grown-up version of the classic Jack-o-Lantern.
Try additional pumpkin decorating ideas:
  • Reverse Painted Pumpkins – a twist on the traditional spooky
  • Trim Decor Pumpkins: use sewing materials like trim, gingham fabric, or lace for an elegant look
  • Painted Farm-Scene: 0range pumpkins with a black illustration
  • “Fall” Jar Pumpkin: pumpkins disguised as mason jars

We hope these pumpkin decorating tips inspired you to start designing for this season. If you still need help finding the perfect palette, we’re here for you.

We love fall decorating because it’s the corner of the year where we pull out our cozy throws. The weather turns cool and we get to add an extra holiday spice to our homes.

Get your fall decor going right now so you can enjoy it longer!

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