Is Christmas in July a real thing?

What is the reason for Christmas in July? And why do people celebrate it?  Do you think the retailers made up Christmas in July to get folks shopping early? That’s not an unreasonable assumption, and may be true in part. But, come on–what a great idea!

Which came first, Christmas in July or the Hallmark Channel’s summer Christmas movies? Hmmm.

In the United States, of course, Christmas in July is an unofficial–but fun!–holiday. Communities across the country have embraced the festive spirit of Christmas in July.

Sure, you’d expect someplace like Santa Claus, Indiana to have a holiday theme park and year round Santas. And naturally, North Pole, New York knows how to party hearty in July. But even Dallas, Texas has had Christmas in July events in the Bishop Arts District

All in all, I’m thinking that Christmas in July is a great time for a merry family gathering. And also to get the jump on saving, shopping, and thinking about decorating for Christmas.


Should I decorate for Christmas in July?

Why not! We’ve packed up all the patriotic decorations and it’s way too early to set out pumpkins. I’m totally down for a different kind of summer party!

Here are some tips for throwing a Christmas in July party.  Consider the possibilities. After everyone has cleaned their hands with santa-tizer , you’re ready to graze on finger foods or sit down to a meal.


Need some recipe inspiration? There are so many fun food ideas out there!


Charcuterie Board Shopping List

Courtney Warren Home Charcuterie Board Shopping List:

  •  Pretzels
  • Mini chocolate chipos
  • Graham Crackers
  • Flavored Marshmallows
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Hot Fudge
  • Chocolate
  • Waffle Cones
  • Cookies

Or just shop here…

Christmas in July Party Food

What to drink at Christmas in July

What to do for Christmas drinks in sweltering temps? July is not exactly hot chocolate weather, but what about frozen hot chocolate? For other cold drinks, consider making festive fruit ice stars. Serve in red drink cups with a black tape or ribbon “belt” and buckle. Ho, ho! 

What to eat at Christmas in July

In the summer, kids will really love grape and strawberry grinches! Or cool, creamy layered Jello cups. A fun idea both for kids and adults is a cookie decorating station, where guests can give their gingerbread people Hawaiian shirts or grass skirts. Speaking of cookies, what could more appropriate for a Christmas in July party than a melting snowman cookie? This is adorable! If I’M melting, I’m sure the snowman is!

Photo by Overflow Creative Studio

Christmas in July Events and Games

Yeah, it’s just too hot to fire up the fire pit. Instead, just wrap twinkle lights around your logs for instant atmosphere. Are you at the beach during July? Sand is the new snow! Build a sand snowman and finish him off with sunglasses and a Santa hat. If you’re dreaming of a beachy Christmas, cool off by having a “snowball” fight–with white water balloons! Indoors, get the kids to help you make a colorful wreath out of open cocktail umbrellas. Recycle all your drink caps from the party by making a snowman ornament.

Now, when you’re done partying and just sitting back monitoring the kids in the pool, you may be ready to think cool thoughts and plan ahead to the December 25th Christmas.


Photo by Overflow Creative Studio

Where to shop for Christmas decorations

Planning ahead is the key. You might want to get the jump on shopping for Christmas decorations. And what better way to do it than from the comfort of your chaise lounge? Besides brick and mortar Christmas stores that stay open all year, there are many options for online Christmas decorations.

Shop for my favorites here!

How to shop for Christmas all year

I should call this “How to be the envy of all your friends in December”.

To cut down on stress during the holidays and be able to enjoy Christmas when it comes, it makes sense to shop early.

The easiest way to kick start this habit is to keep a list on your phone of those you buy gifts for.

  • With more time, you’ll be able to consider what your family and friends really would like, not just what you’re able to find in a hurry.
  • The beauty is, anytime you see the perfect item for someone on your list at a great price, you can snatch it up and keep it for Christmas.
  • At summer’s end you’ll find garden tools on sale for your mom the gardener! Don’t forget the kids’ teachers on the list–it’s a bummer to remember late and not be able to come up with anything but a mug!
  • You won’t feel rushed and you’ll also be able to get coveted items before they sell out during the holidays. AND you won’t have to endure  those whacked new versions of Christmas carols on a continuous loop.

How to shop for Christmas on a budget

When should you start shopping for Christmas? 

Another advantage to shopping all year for Christmas is the ability to spread out your spending and avoid end-of-year panic spending and debt.

Christmas shopping in summer

Also, if you are shopping for Christmas year round, you have the advantage of checking the clearance section of any store all year. From clothing to home decor items, EVERYTHING eventually goes on sale, so if you’re constantly on the hunt, you’ll be there when the price is slashed. In a brick and mortar store, you can also ask for additional discounts or do a quick phone check for coupons.


Are you feeling like you need some Christmas cheer? Have you downloaded my Holiday E-Book to guide you through? Its not too early to get in the spirit is it? Be sure you get these helpful hints! Find it here!