Christmas in July…. the perfect time to prep all your decor for the busy holiday season.

I need a craft!!


Christmas wreaths are one of the things that I enjoy doing so much but in the midst of the season, I do not have time to do them.  Christmas in July to the rescue– I actually have TIME to do something I can’t do in December. So I got out my glue gun and I created this “Travel Themed Wreath”. It was the perfect way to take time to escape the busy world for a little bit.  People did keep asking me why I have a Christmas wreath in my house in the sweltering heat, but no one can judge me. I am the boss of my holiday wreaths.

It is the perfect project to take on now to prepare for the holiday season.

I found these adorable items at Decorators Warehouse,  which is already loading with Christmas supplies to make it easy! Isn’t it adorable?