Does it look like Christmas exploded? It did…and in every Christmas laden room is our STORY. This is not just festive decor, friends. I incorporate my family’s story by honoring someone important with purposeful decor. Stay with me here…

For instance, when my dad passed away, I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to start a collection of Christmas cottages. I was in the midst of grief- and she was too- and she treated me to one in his memory as a thoughtful gift.

Now I have a village of cottages I love. Every year I also take a moment to remember the people I love as I pull out each house, unwrap it and place it. ⁠ My dad really has nothing to do with the houses at all, other than I started my collection in memory of him. It’s my way to keep him in our hearts as we celebrate our holidays without him. It’s small, but significant.
Decor can be so much more than coordinating pillows and curtains. It can give us a visual to what or who we hold dear.

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