Create a Classy St. Patrick’s Day table

Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? If so, what are your go-to decor accessories and colors? If you feel uninspired by what you see on Pinterest, look no further! Here’s how to create a classy St. Patrick’s Day table.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.

As I started gathering ideas for the St. Patrick table in my new home, I was very underwhelmed when I saw what Pinterest had to offer.

Lots of leprechauns, cheesy for leaf clovers, and greens that left something to be desired.

After I saw the lack of inspiration, I felt like I owed it to someone out there to give an alternative! 

What are the most typical St. Patrick’s day decorations?

To keep it classy, go with black, white, and green. Classic combination.

I started my table with a boxwood topiary as a runner.

I used my everyday placemats because black, white, and green make a great combination.

White roses filled with green also adds a classic touch that doesn’t overwhelm the table with too much color. 

What are some St. Patrick’s Day table words?

I went to Dollar Tree and got two small frames and wrote “Lucky to know you” and “Luck is believing you’re lucky.” I really believe that– sometimes we are lucky, and sometimes we create our own luck! So I needed to incorporate that in– Hahaha!

Shopping List to create your own table:

Mix and Match what you want to use for your St. Patrick’s Day table! We hope you enjoyed how create a classy St. Patrick’s Day table!

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