Like a proud parent, I’m enjoying showing you my “baby”–our new rural home build, which we are LOVING. We designed our spaces for the way we live (two boys and a rambunctious dog!), but of course I didn’t compromise on the creativity. Our home is beautiful, but it works hard. Speaking of work, today I’m showing you how I created my ultimate work-from-home space–the gorgeous Courtney Warren Home design studio!

(Did you catch last week’s tour of my master suite? And our boys’ bedrooms plus the guest room? If you missed the walk-through of our kitchen and family room, find it here. Our laundry and mudroom tour is here.  It’s such fun to share these spaces after all our dreaming, planning and construction!)

design studio

Set up your work space for YOU

My interior design studio has been in my dreams for so long! It felt like Christmas morning to finally see it all come together. We built the studio above our garage, and it has exterior access by metal staircase. 

I use my beautiful space for several things: team meetings, client meetings, social media and brand partnership planning, and marketing brainstorms. I have loved hosting clients and my team in this space and feel so thankful to now have a landing spot for my growing team.  

rifle wallpaper studio view

It’s a lovely, roomy space with dedicated areas for a variety of tasks and groups. The farm table with cushy blue velvet chairs is the perfect spot to host clients when we meet to talk through their home dreams and desires.  The three desks provide ample space for my team to plan and tackle their work, and the luxurious long sofa is my favorite spot for hatching design plans. I love to prop up with pillows, stretch out my legs, and look over my laptop screen at the trees along the driveway.  Hey, if you’re gonna work, this is the way to do it!

task desk

Wallpaper is IN

I adore the perky Rifle Co. wallpaper framing the windows–its pattern and cheery colors just make me smile every time I walk in the studio. I echoed the wallpaper colors in fabrics and accessories around the room, such as the sofa pillows and slipper chairs.  And is any room complete without some glam gold touches? Absolutely not! I pulled in gold accents with lamps, airy side tables, and wall art. 

wallpaper accent wall

You know I love a room with personality and the opposite side of the studio demonstrates this perfectly: faux boxwood “upholsters” this wall! It’s a unique and fun decorative element I had to have! After all, how stressful can your day be when you feel like you’re working in a treehouse?

boxwood wall studio

Create a tile doormat

Note the Courtney Warren Home custom mosaic “doormat” in the hardwood floor.  My logo inspires me to be my best for my clients every day! We did some other cute tile applications around the house, too (see my links above for other tours). 

polka dot bath tile

Now, because I am a boy mom, I work to keep my home’s design much less feminine than I would normally want it. I want to honor those who share the space with me–and also avoid eye rolls as much as possible! In my studio powder room, the guys’ preferences were not a consideration.  So I gave myself permission to make it just a tad more funky. Why not polka dot, after all? Periwinkle and white penny tile created a polka dot tile floor, and we reversed the pattern for the shower floor.

heart soap niche

Just in case my subcontractors didn’t hate me enough, I included a matching heart  in the shower niche. To do this, I drew what I wanted and cut it out in the tile to create a template. I walked the contractor through how to place it, how far apart I wanted the dots and how to do the opposite colors. I adore how it turned out–whimsical and fun!

Does your home reflect your personality?

Does anything about your home show off your individuality? Your interests? Your personality? I can help you with that! Let’s connect!

courtney warren home design

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As always, I am happy to guide you on your design journey. We’re all about designing for real life. We want your home to work well for you and your family. Good design always incorporates BOTH beauty and function! 

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