If I took a vote, would you say that a lot of homes come up shy on appeal when it comes to porch or patio spaces?

I see hands going up everywhere! My thoughts exactly.  So what we usually get is a couple brick or siding walls and a concrete pad, am I right?

And you wanted to have some friends over so hubs could fire up his new Father’s Day grill. Folding web chair, anyone?

Take heart! After 4th of July, all those outdoor furnishings go on sale. And at least in Texas, we have outdoor weather much of the year, so now’s the time to make your outdoor oasis dream a reality. Shucks, your family gathering can spill out onto the patio at Thanksgiving!

porch decorating ideas

My client Melinda didn’t want featureless brick walls to inhibit her outdoor hospitality. So we envisioned this serving bar (a simple 2×4 frame) and faced it with rustic, recycled lumber strips. Speaking of recycling, save on light fixtures by wiring galvanized buckets as pendants.  Then you can splurge on a countertop like this one made from old wood beams! (A similar one could be made from 4×6 cedar posts glued, clamped, sanded smooth and oiled.)  The simple wood stools got a corresponding distressed finish.

porch decorating ideas

A whimsical sign reminds friends that the porch is your–and their–happy place.

Simple woodworking skills could produce this table from recycled lumber, and it has room for 6 guests and lots of good eats. A feature sure to please the sports fans is to run your cable wire to the patio and install an outdoor tv. Bring on the nachos!

porch decorating ideas

Simple settees made from recycled planks provide plenty of seating in this area designed for conversation. You can duplicate this corner concept with garden benches of your choice–and they’re probably on sale right now. The rustic, simple pendants and corner lamp assure that the “my-team-can-beat-your-team” bragging can continue far into the evening! The vintage signs give a “come set a spell” feeling to the grouping, don’t you think?

decorating porch on a budget ideas

Every space needs a conversation piece, and this flamingo drink station is definitely one. This article has some cute ideas for cool coolers. (Had you thought of an old chair with a hole cut in the seat for an ice-filled bucket? Me neither!)

porch deck ideas

It was super fun to work with Melinda on her patio.  Whether you have a tiny stoop or an expansive deck, some simple, thrifty ideas (and a few plants) will make you hostess-ready in no time.

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