Is it just me or does anyone else relate with amazement to the fact that an 8-YEAR OLD who reviews toys on his Youtube channel earned 26 MILLION DOLLARS last year?? Folks, we live in that time: if you have internet access and a smartphone, you have opportunity to reach– literally– THE WORLD!


Such a realization is not lost on this girl, who, since her side-ponytail days, has been seeking a wider audience for her witty, unique, and helpful Observations About Many Things.  That day has come!

I am thrilled to tell you that my own YouTube design show, Real Life Design With Courtney Warren, launches on March 13! So I hope you’ll join me for the premiere episode! (If you’d like to  be reminded via email, text HAPPYHOME to 24587.)

What will I see?

You probably have already guessed that, direct from Courtney Warren Home, you’ll be seeing up close the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes stuff of working with design clients all over the Dallas Metroplex. Plus, friends, I am MY OWN CLIENT, because I’ve also been building a new home! (I know, I’m crazy.) So you’ll get to see the nitty gritty of that adventure as well!

courtney warren home design

I’ve told you how, when I was 13, I created my own TV network with a huge camcorder. I was the star, anchor, talk show host, and commercial pitch guy. My middle school friends and I acted out commercials that, if you still had a VCR and could watch them, would make you choke with laughter all evening.

magazine shoot courtney warren

I’ve been in numerous magazine shoots now, and being on camera doesn’t faze me a bit. (Was this magazine photographer really setting up a shot kneeling in my home’s shower? Yes.) I like being able to connect with people–even through a camera lens– and welcome them into my world for a bit. I like to be able to offer helps to improve their homes and lives. That’s what my YouTube channel is all about!

ben erin napier courtney warren

Why do we watch reruns of Fixer Upper and tune in to new episodes of Home Town? (Or fill in the blank with your favorite reno show.) Because we can’t get enough of the Ugly Duckling/Cinderella story that a home renovation or even a room refresh gives us!

living room design before living room design after

On my YouTube channel, I’ll be showcasing my unique, client-centered design philosophy. Most designers–including me–have a  trademark style. However,  I am passionate about learning my clients’ style and helping them create their dream space.  As a result, my style repertoire is as varied as my client list, and you’ll see that variety on the YouTube show.

grand stairway

Another example…

bedroom design courtney warren dogs

In the years since my first TV appearance in Four Houses, I have learned that creating a TV show is a very long game. Additionally, it’s a combination of 1) being in the right place at the right time and 2) a lot of factors completely out of my control. Even when you’ve been asked to host a design show, you may find that network needs and budgets quickly change.

So, what’s coming next?

Behold! I’m giving you and all your friends (and–cue drumroll–the WORLD!) the new, magic portal to Home Design That Delights. View my decor and design show anywhere you can pull up YouTube!

Now we interrupt this program for an important announcement:

I am accepting submissions from families that need a home or room refresh or a total makeover. So if you are interested in submitting your home for consideration in this new series, please email [email protected] with the subject “YouTube Makeover”.

I specialize in helping you love your home!

 bedroom before courtney warren courtney warren bedroom design after

Hey, I may not make $26 million on YouTube this year, but we will sure have a TON OF FUN designing homes!

Will you join me on YouTube March 13 for Real Life Design With Courtney Warren? I’ll see you there!