A new year seems a great time to get a fresh start, whether on weight loss goals or organizing our spaces. Last time I shared some tips for conquering clutter and gaining space in your home. Did you see it?
One block to clearing out clutter, we all know, is what to do with those sentimental items.  Maybe an item was a gift from someone special, and we feel obliged to keep it, whether or not we use it or display it. Maybe the item reminds us of a certain time or event in our lives, and it’s SO HARD to part with it.
The good thing about the digital age is–we can take photos of items to remember them, and then we can let the items go. (Corsage from prom? Medal from middle school track meet? Yeah, those things.) But for the must-keeps, I’ve got some tips for you! Read on.
Family heirlooms
I LOVE the items I’ve inherited that help to tell my family’s story.  But you have to be deliberate about what you keep and how you display an heirloom so it doesn’t look dowdy. Rather than keeping your grandmother’s fussy old sofa, why not frame a letter she wrote you or some recipe cards in her handwriting?  Delicate items such as fabric or old papers benefit from the protection of framing. Here, I framed my grandmother’s needlework but layered it with other elements in a grouping inside a wall hung shelf. It is sentimental, but also truly decorative.

Wedding keepsakes
Marrying your soulmate is a day you will never forget. But a display of wedding keepsakes can be as stale as wedding cake on your one-year anniversary. This easy DIY for wedding keepsakes incorporates unique mementos from the day, and displays them in ways you may not have considered.

A shadowbox is a great way to display special keepsakes. I used a framed engagement photo with the date etched, the small bag the ring arrived in, the pen used to sign the guest book, wedding invitation with vellum and wrap, roses from the bridal bouquet, and a graphic of the wedding month. What would you include in your shadowbox?

Rather than letting these items languish in a drawer or box, or between a pages of a book, display them! Then you can relive that special day every day of the year!

This cloche is an adorable way to display wedding shoes, and a real conversation starter. The date of the wedding is written on the sole of the shoes, along with the signatures of the wedding party. They’re wrapped with ribbon from the wedding bouquet and the insides of the soles are lined with the bridesmaids’ dress fabric. You could also rest them on the ring pillow from the wedding!

Baby memorabilia

Make a special gallery wall outside the baby’s nursery and fill it with photos of mom and dad and other special memorabilia.  For one item on the wall, I created a shadowbox of our own baby photos and our childhood Bibles.

Inspired to turn hidden memories into unforgettable displays? I also have lots of ideas for the “big picture” at your house.  Let’s talk!


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