Think Christmas cuteness around the house is a headache? I have your RX!
Would-be DIYers tell me things like, “I could probably do it–if I could just VISUALIZE it!”  Well, here ya go! Today I’m sharing visuals for three little projects you can totally do yourself.
#1. Holiday plate wall
You know all those orphan holiday plates at the thrift store or on the clearance table? Or even just some red or green transferware. Grab up a few, along with some inexpensive plate hangers like this
photo via Walmart
Simply pick a spot where you need a Christmas focal point, slip on the hangers (they’re spring loaded), and position a grouping on the wall! If you’re not quite confident, rearrange them on the floor until you’re satisfied with your composition. Or fill a big empty chippy frame with your plates, as I did above.
Here’s another version, from my breakfast room…
Notice there’s just one Santa plate, and the rest is white ironstone and some of my brown gingham. But it’s all about context: I just hung my little homespun Christmas banner in front of one platter!
#2 Easy fills

What’s a “fill”? Take a container you already have and insert Christmas-y “fill”: In my weathered cabinet I have an apothecary jar filled with ribbon Christmas candy. Also a glass serving dish filled with bright ornaments. And, of course, my ever-present glass jars with fake snow (Epsom salts!) and little trucks, toys, and/or mini trees.

Or fill a basket with pine cones, ornaments, and deer figurine.

Fill a glass cloche with tiny pine trees, snowmen, or vintage ornaments. Fill a crate or wire basket with childhood toys or greenery. The possibilities are endless!

#3 Nostalgia wreath

What to do with all those photos of the kids with Santa? Pick up some little dollar store frames, trim the photos and insert in the frames. With floral wire, attach frames and then some floral picks (or anything you like!) onto a wreath. Finish off with some wire-edge ribbon.  (A big bow is easy: just wrap several lengths around a big square of cardboard. Slide it off and twist a piece of wire cut from the edge of the ribbon tightly across the middle. Fluff up the loops. Secure some longer pieces of ribbon on the wreath with wire and attach bow on top!)

Here’s another version of a bits-and-pieces wreath: I had a little box of mini kitchen tools. What better way to showcase a little collection than to wire the items to a wreath? What do you have? Grandma’s salt and pepper shakers? Ornaments from your childhood tree?  Aunt Edna’s vintage brooches? Give it a try!

See, I told you that you could do this! Have yourself a merry little DIY’d Christmas ! 

Check back later for a post on my vintage Santa collection!

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