Making an ombré leaf wall is more of a technical art than anything else. Dare to be different? Take your pick and create an ombré leaf wall for a sweet spot in your home. We envisioned a metallic ombré leaf wall for our client–using pretty shades of gold and silver.

After I finalized the wall’s measurements, colors, and a few sourced photos for inspiration, we started to prep our sheeny, elegant look!

Here’s the before!

Our vision was to create something that would feel at home in an Anthropologie window.

Christina Frederick, the Customer Styling Director of Anthropologie, encourages a willingness to try new things and experiment! At Courtney Warren Home, I’m all about bringing cheer into every nook and corner of your home. BUT, I also inspire you to try any style that speaks to you (even if it may be out of the norm). It’s okay to ditch traditional and safe!

Our ombré leaf wall sure makes a statement. What a great way to develop your eye! AND give a moment of drama to the client’s home as soon as someone enters.

We had tons of fun creating and hanging leaf garlands against a stark black wall. Can you figure out how many metallic shades we used?

Leaf Ombré Wall


-Three! Here’s a quick breakdown of how we achieved this look.

➀ Prep the leaves

The colors I chose for this accent wall:

  • Metallic silver
  • Rose gold
  • Gold

I spray painted hundreds of fabric maple leaves in those three shades over a couple of hours. While they were drying, I charted out three things:

  1. The number of garlands.
  2. The distance between the leaves on each garland.
  3. How the ombré pattern would work.

See? It’s definitely more technical than you think! The chart helped me figure out what lengths to hang each garland at. This ensured that there wouldn’t be a straight line on top (that would be distracting).

It also helped me know how many garlands we needed and which order to glue the leaves on.

➁ Make the garlands

Once the order for the garlands was in place, we attached the leaves. Two dots of hot glue for each leaf worked great.

And to ensure that the leaves got all the attention, we made the garlands out of clear fishing line. This is a time-consuming process, but after this, it’s ready to hang.

Leaf Ombré Wall

➂ Adapting to the situation

When working in a client’s home, the most important thing is to take GOOD care of their space! This meant that we needed to hang the ombré leaf wall without leaving a trace.

The easy solution? Pull out the command hooks! Easy removal, no sticky residue, or elbow grease needed.

Another issue we ran into was airflow. Leaves on fishing line weigh nothing, so every time the door opened, the garlands might fly everywhere or tangle up.

To give each leaf garland a little hold, we added some weight. This prevented the airflow issue. I hot glued a washer (from a hardware store) to the bottom leaf. And then, to keep that small piece of metal from damaging the wall, I glued two small dots on the back of each washer. 

➃ Hang it up!

We finished assembling every leaf garland. We were ready for install day! I put up a command hook in the top corners of the wall and one between them. Using the fishing line again, I tied one horizontal strand at the top of the wall, using the command hooks to secure it. Then, thanks to my trusty chart, we only had one more step to go! We tied on the fishing line garlands at the correct measurements. Done!

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