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Where in your home are you at your best? Where do you go to dream?  I don’t mean just the zzzzzzz kind, although that could be part of it.  I mean your “relax-and-invite-the-possibilities-in” spot, your place to imagine and to chart your course.  Is it your own corner of the sofa, with a cozy throw and a table for your hot drink close by?  Maybe a love seat or chaise lounge in your master? A sunny window seat?

In my work as an interior designer, I do a lot of dreaming, and for sure a lot of it is on the go–from client meeting to installation to contractor consult. But when I’m home, my spot to dream is…

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…curled up here on the sofa, notepad in hand or computer in my lap (and usually the dog trying to get in the middle of it all!)

But maybe you’re most creative when you first awake or just before bedtime.  You would be a candidate, like my client Candi, for a perfect master retreat where she could prop up in a luxurious bed and contemplate her upcoming day.

Of course, the room didn’t start that way. 
before bedroom courtney warren design

But it certainly finished that way. We brought in new blush paint, a stylish chandelier, a tufted velvet bed, and plush rug, bedding, and bench.  The mirrors and mirrored nightstands bounce light all over this luxe master retreat.

I mean, how could you not radiate positivity when you start and end your day here?

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Example #2. In the dreamy master department, wouldn’t you appreciate a room refresh if you were the busy mom of three youngsters? My client Corey, on the Super Husband 1-10 Scale, rates an 11 for the surprise master suite redo he planned for wife Tracey! We had so much fun at the reveal of her new retreat.  But first check out the BEFORE.

before bedroom redo courtney warren design

Now the AFTER: I think we nailed it. Tracey can do lots of dreaming and planning in this gorgeous new room!

master retreat courtney warren design

Take your cues for MUST HAVES from this wonderful master retreat:

A fresh color palette. In this scheme we banished brown and welcomed warm greys and cheery blues.

Comfortable and stylish furniture. Here we kept their nice bed, but replaced wrong-sized and outdated case goods.

Window treatments. Even simple white panels will soften the window opening and filter light.

master retreat design courtney warren

Seating. An upholstered chair is great for reading or internet browsing.  An upholstered bench works for putting on shoes or pillow storage at night.

Wall art and decor. Keepsakes, photos and sweet reminders of your family story.  The master is a perfect place to display these personal items as part of the decor.

master retreat courtney warren design

Soft goods. Bedding, pillows, and throws coordinate your look and amp up the comfort factor. Your toes will thank you for a plush area rug to step out on in the morning.

master retreat courtney warren design

Tell me, are you liking the trend of unframed art? How about frames without art? I like both, and it shows you can think outside the box with your master retreat decor! Can you begin to envision what yours could be?

I am passionate about partnering with people to quiet the design chaos around them, so we  can focus on creating the space that feels authentically “them”.

Does this solution sound like something that would create both peace and excitement in your home?  Let me answer your questions in a complimentary phone call. Email me here to set it up.

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