First impressions are important, aren’t they? If you don’t think so, then try getting your dream job with spinach in your teeth! 

Less tragically, the outdoor areas surrounding your home are important. Use your outdoor space as an opportunity to create an appealing, relaxing, and welcoming addition to your home.  By making use of these areas, you open your home and increase the livable space! And everyone can use a little more square footage! 

Here are few ways dress up the outdoors without having to give up some of your summer vacation budget!

Photo via zevy joy

1. Add Potted Plants or Flowers-Get Creative! Use wooden crates with jars of flowers in them or put plants in old tin flower pots and group them together.

          Photo via Little Farmstead

2. Add blankets and pillows to existing chairs or benches. This will create texture and a cozy atmosphere.

         Photo via Kellynan| Gracious Living

3. Add lights to your outdoor space. String lights, tin can lights, and candles are all examples of inexpensive ways to add light!


                   Photo via Service Central, Gardening Prof

4.  Add a chalkboard! Use it to say, “Welcome” or another message. Put your last name on it, a quote, or Bible verse. You can even decorate the chalkboard if you want to get really fancy!

         Photo via Hobby Lobby

5. Add Holiday Decor. Always save some indoor decor that can be used outside. It will add to the festive mood of the holiday! And come on, aren’t we ALL proud to be Americans! Fly that flag!

           Photo via On Sutton Place

Using these tips to dress up the outdoors will create an attractive, appealing, and inviting atmosphere. Maybe it will be so cute that you forget how hot it is out there! At least, it’s hot in Texas.

 So what will you add to to your outdoor space to take it from stuck to stylish?