2020 has already been a year of so much… and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a new direction.

This is not a new thought.

With almost a whole decade of designing for over a hundred clients,

providing everything from modern farmhouse to mid century modern,

I never get tired of providing hope and inspiration through helping people love their home.

Through helping clients expand their personal style, I find that my style evolves as well.

And it should, right? We should always be striving for a better version of ourselves while holding true to what never changes.

So as we head into the latter half of this year, I find myself with a new love for design, a growing team, and new branding to reflect my new design focus.

I have listened to the feedback you have given of what you love to see, so I am adding some exciting new features on social media, newsletter and here on my blog.


Here is what you can expect will stay the same from Courtney Warren Home…

  • Making design authentic and fun

  • Giving practical design tips and inspiration for your personal home

  • Sharing what I having going on behind the scenes on my favorite projects

  • Dates and exciting events

  • Content that makes design easy in your home

Now, you have asked and I am giving…

  • More blog posts during the week

  • More shoppable posts-  simply click and add to cart.

  • Sharing my design sources

  • More design how-tos and DIY

  • Ideas to celebrate the people you love

  • Fresh new, cutting edge styles that depart from all the same tired looks

  • Because I value people, relationships and traditions are one way I show my love.  I am going to share more real life celebration ideas to help you honor and love your loved ones.

  • I also want to share more stories behind the design. I work with amazing people that are transforming their homes. It is so compelling to hear their stories and I want to share them to inspire you.

New Offering for Dallas Interior Design

Finally, I am really excited to expand my suite of services. I have always offered full service design and small hourly projects as needed, and I found that some people needed something in between.

They were asking for something they could do as a DIY project on their timeline.

I am thrilled to be offering DIY packages for those folks that enjoy the process of design or have time to do the legwork but still want a professional cohesive look. This is also called E- Design.

This new offering is already creating happy clients- because kids are nothing if not honest!

You know they will give you their REAL, uncensored opinions- for better or worse! So, Take a look at how we completely transformed three different kid’s rooms with the DIY package.


Do you want more information about this new offering?  Find the details here.

As always, I am so happy to be walking on this journey of life, family and beauty with you.

  • Find me at courtneywarren.com
  • on Instagram @courtneywarren
  • See my Facebook page for design tips
  • Got design questions? Consult with me (safely) and let’s find ways to help you love your home!


I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation. We can also consult by video conference. If you’d like to meet in your home, please know we will use all current safety protocols.

Email me to book a call time!