Everybunny Loves a Beautiful Spring Table–This Designer Does!

Spring is here, and Texas is at its mildest and most gorgeous. Thank you, Lady Bird Johnson, for your legacy of wildflower-filled highway shoulders! But I do need to put a bumper sticker on my car: “I brake for families pulled over for impromptu roadside bluebonnet photo sessions”! 

For another beautiful–but less dangerous–spring tradition, why not set a lovely and colorful Easter table to enjoy with your family and friends? Save the paper plates for your backyard barbecue later, and enjoy your decorative items and pretty dishes now!

Don’t you find that when you add fresh flowers, it instantly upgrades your setting? I pulled out this adorable vintage nursery vase and filled it with hot pink and white blooms and a touch of greenery, then nestled it between two mini picket fence gardens on a gingham runner. (Why three items? Remember the Rule of Threes: odd numbers keep the eye moving and provide a satisfying visual experience, did ya know that? Brain science and design collide!)

  Perky pastels are the foundation of my sweet and simple scheme. If you have green linens from Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day, and orange from your fall decor, throw in some pink and you’ve replicated this look! But brown transferware, too? Absolutely! The floral border fits perfectly with my spring theme and also with…

…my adorable little brown bunny plates! I’m giving you permission to layer your pottery or china, and also to be fearless and mix it up!

(Getting some new ideas what to look for on the after-Easter clearance tables? Think outside the Easter basket–and you’ll have some fresh inspiration when you pull it out next spring!)

My sideboard echoes all the colorful elements of my table.  What would you do to play up your spring table decor in an adjacent area?

The little gingham and burlap carrots add another layer of texture to my table. They’re playful and inexpensive, and help pull together my pastel palette. Perfect!

Of course, after Easter you can take away the carrots and bunnies and use this sweet and simple table setting for a spring brunch, luncheon or shower. (You’re welcome!)

Spring sparks all kinds of creativity. Direct those renew-and-redecorate urges to me and we’ll make a fresh plan for your home that you’ll love!   Let’s talk!

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