Many of you are staying home more than you ever have–cooking, teaching, and working! The weather is also getting cooler. And the holidays are right around the corner, which is why it’s the perfect time to take a good look at your spaces. Start brainstorming! How can you make your home feel more relaxing this season? At our home, we always look forward to celebrating with family and friends, snuggling in around a warm fire. I’m a fan of decorating our mantel with holiday themes because it just makes the entire space feel more welcoming. Y’all ready to cozy up your spaces this fall? Let’s dive into our most charming fall mantel decor ideas. If you’re wondering…

What can I put on my fireplace mantle?

How can I decorate a long mantle?

We’ve got answers for you!

The first rule of design– there are no rules. Your style doesn’t have to be traditional or safe. It’s okay to use pink and fun colors and patterns in your fall style! Plus, fall decorating is all about keeping it simple. Creating lovely rooms that feel airy and inviting.

❶ The Whimsical Way

We welcomed in bright pink and blues for our mantel palette this year. Because sometimes going neutral can make your home feel uninspiring.

Which colors are on your mind? Any color story is fair game. In modern fall decorating, go beyond classic yellows, reds, and orange hues! We really enjoyed making our DIY pumpkins. The pink and fun patterns add tons of contrast.

We’re also big fans of rustic signs. These personal touches turn up the volume on modern farmhouse charm. And these signs squeeze in all of fall’s feels into one dialogue. Choose one that speaks to you. Ours… S’mores, bonfires, pumpkin ale! What’s not to love?

Suppose you’re enjoying this look, head over to your local crafts shop, and pick up craft paint in three shades. Also, add some metallic accents–gold rose gold, silver, or bronze! Besides ending up with a savvy piece of fall decor, we love this project because it’s super family-friendly.

Bonus: Add a banner. We like this black pennant banner for an additional pop.

Next up.

Mix in faux flowers, foliage, or greenery. Or better yet, pluck a few stems from your backyard garden. Add a few candles and lanterns to make your mantel glow. There’s also flameless flickering candles available if you want to stay on the safer side.

We also recommend stocking up on pumpkins of all shapes, feels, and sizes!

And don’t forget to add more than one piece of decor. A single pumpkin or candlestick feels lonely. Use a substantial amount of fall decor to fill up your mantel, especially if you’ve got a long one! And place each decor piece at different heights to guarantee visual interest. Scatter matching pairs of your decor for reassuring balance too.

❷ The Shimmer & Shine Way

Playful colors just aren’t your style? No problem–use pops of metallics against an all-white space instead. This may spark your attention. In this style, we used pumpkins with gold rhinestones and beads. You can also achieve a sophisticated holiday theme with silver, rose gold, or black iron accents.

Using these design tricks will help you create a nice focal point in your family or living spaces. A well-styled mantel will also make your space feel more homey. Now, it’s where everyone wants to be!

❸ The Traditional Way

If you’re still not up for trying the modern approaches, let’s stick to tradition. Forever in style. You’ll always make your fall decor sing if you use orange. Pop in a little navy or any shade of blue for a perfect complementary color pair.

Here are a few throwback photos from our mantel last year:

We kept it simple. We used orange and brown hues with spicy colored textures like cotton pillows and burlap bows.  The gingham fabric pumpkins are a classic, too! Don’t forget–tuck in a few knit fringed throws in your corner baskets and chair backs.

More items to try:

  • Sheaves of wheat
  • Dried foliage wreath
  • Rustic baskets
  • We LOVE this autumn chalkboard from Country Living.
  • Halloween critters (unless you’re arachnophobic)
  • Fall leaves
  • Amber glass vases

Next, pile up your fall pillows, and you’re ready to cuddle up by that fire.

Of course, fall is the season to curl up and snuggle in!

Keep it Up Longer

Some of these designs will transition well with your Thanksgiving decorations too. One less task to check off your to-do list come November? YES. You won’t need to worry about refreshing your mantel so quickly! If this appeals to you, definitely stick to classic decor pieces for your fall mantel–these will last longer.

Budget-Friendly Ideas

When designing your mantel, don’t forget about cost-effective options like Michael’s or 1$ store.

Try cutting out pages from a spooky Halloween book and framing them. Spray paint the dollar store frame and you’ve made a cute decor piece to display.

Dried gourds and squash work nicely too. Or create a chestnut (or any nut) garland for your mantel with jute twine. This is a nice, rustic touch that hits the natural, earthy vibes perfectly.

There are so many variations of fall decor to try. It’s all about what makes you feel good, fits your budget and family’s lifestyle. We’re thrilled fall is here and can’t wait to share more fall decorating ideas with you soon!

We’d love for you to share your fall mantel decorating ideas with us this year! But, if you’re struggling on how to decorate your spaces for the upcoming holidays, let’s connect!

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