I’m in Atlanta this week as a feature presenter at the Country Living Fair and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and photos with you when I get back! In the meantime, here are some ideas to inspire your fall porch decorating.

My porch is more of what we call in Texas a “stoop” (don’t ask me, I didn’t come up with it!), so I can rustle up my decorations pretty quickly.  If you have a porch swing-size porch, simply add on more of these kinds of  items–pottery, crates, tins, lanterns, stacks of pumpkins, signs, greenery and mums–and group them mainly around your door.

BTW, if you decorated for Halloween, just undo a little of the spooky and add in more pumpkins, fall flowers and colorful autumn leaves, and you’ll have porch decorations that will last through Thanksgiving!

courtney warren fall porch

I like to work some black into my fall decorations. You know, a woman needs an LBD–I’m talking about a Little Black Decor!

Black is today’s hot accent color: black window trim, black furniture, black honed granite, black accent walls. You see pairings of  black with white, black with wood–and black with white and wood.

But black with—fall decorations?? Yes, ma’m!

courtney warren fall porch decor

I’ve got my mums and my pumpkins: check and check! But the ooh la la is in the black details!

My painted black runner up to the…

black front door with a…

black and white plaid door mat and accents of…

black and white pumpkins...

courtney warren fall porch black and white

The burning question: Why did I spend the time to purchase, haul, and arrange (and rearrange and rearrange) these items until dark-thirty and my husband is asking if I want to go ahead and order pizza, he and the boys are starving?

courtney warren fall decorating

Because I want it to look, to all our guests, like what my black sign says:

Welcome Y’all!

(So, everybody got fed. And I do think it does look welcoming. Wink, wink.)

courtney warren farmhouse front door

P.S. You are free to take down the black motion-activated fuzzy spider on the morning of November 1.

Happy fall, y’all! Time to stoke the fire, curl up with your plush throw and your tablet, and scroll Pinterest and Instagram for ideas you want to implement in your home in 2020.  I’d love to have that conversation with you, so let’s talk!

Have some questions? No problem! I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation.

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