It’s rustic. It’s charming and inviting. It’s farmhouse style.
I’m not surprised this design trend appeals to so many! We all crave the unhurried, tech-less pace that farmhouse style pictures for us. Well, Christmas is a great time to incorporate cozy farmhouse elements, even if you’re an apartment dweller or a suburbanite in a tract home.
#1. Invite nature in with simple greenery.

The evergreens and woody branches are a perfect pairing with wood and metal elements in a farmhouse kitchen.

#2. Put plates and crockery on display

#3. Use tin, wood, and metal finishes (and natural woven fabrics)

#4. Inject pops of red (extra points for plaid!)

Ready to try a little farmhouse Christmas? Have you shopped your own belongings for items with a vintage or farmhouse vibe that you can work in?

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