As a designer, I’m asked this question a lot: “I don’t see a lot of color in farmhouse design.  Can you incorporate color if you like farmhouse style?”

First of all, in your own home you can do anything you like! Secondly, while the so-called farmhouse style often uses a neutral background of white, grey or black along with wood tones, it is certainly not limited to that palette.  The colors you like are your signature, and your home should reflect your preferences.

So here’s my RX for adding color to farmhouse decor: keep your background neutral, but bring in some color through paint choices, furnishings, and accessories.

farmhouse master

  In my client’s master, we used a dreamy grey blue (that reads like a neutral, really) to accentuate the tray ceiling.  Then we picked up blue tones in the coverlet and the rug.

farmhouse master

Soft blues and greens are great choices for a farmhouse color scheme. In this client’s home, we painted some of the kitchen cabinetry blue and added a distressed finish to the island.

farmhouse kitchen

A bit of blue and green in a client’s farmhouse-inspired bathroom.

farmhouse bath vanity

You see the black/white/grey/wood farmhouse elements in the bath, but for fun we pulled in those greens and blues with the wall paint, floor tile and accessories.

farmhouse bathroom

Wallpaper is a terrific way to bring color to a farmhouse look. A blue pattern on a grand scale brought drama to this urban farmhouse stairway wall.

grand stairway

An accent wall is another way to inject just a bit of color to a farmhouse interior.

farmhouse fireplace

In another client’s home we had classic farmhouse elements: neutral walls with natural elements like wood beams, floors and shelves, as well as a stone fireplace. But we brought in pops of color in the rug, pillows, chair print, and curtain panels.

farmhouse living room

Even small touches of color with your accessories can wake up your neutral farmhouse scheme.

coffee table setting

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