On April 23rd 2019, I mentioned on the Courtney Warren Home Facebook Feed that we’d be talking farmhouse style vanities on our blog! So here we are!

Do you have a bathroom that just, well, doesn’t feel so put together? High on function, low on style? Maybe you want to put some nice touches in there?

Well, designers say that when revamping a room, start by 1) taking existing items out 2) updating the walls and paint 3) putting in statement light fixtures 4) adding the furniture, fixtures, rugs and/or flooring and then 5) hanging wall art . With a bath, the process is similar.

Let’s say you budget for a small change for this room and you want to install a new vanity. It’s key to assess what types of plumbing are in place and see if it’s possible to switch out the sink and faucet design. You can get creative with this and choose pops of color for both elements or make the wood of the vanity itself the focal point, much like we did here in the above photo.


It’s also important to take into account the character of the bottom of the existing sink. It could be quite possible to just tear out the old unit that you no longer like, and add simple updates like this subtle yet, absolutely necessary black paint on the underside of the sink.

Or if the sink itself is rather ornate, you can use bolder colors and patterned wallpaper or paint to give your vanity a more stand-alone look like the above image.

Sometimes space is really rather limited like in the bath design above. We streamlined with the black backsplash tile and add a more grounded, calming, brown wood drawer base for masculine effect here.

Again, here, the sink and its legs are so beautiful and ornate, they need nothing more.

In general, the rooms in our home have character.  So, with the bath update you’ve been meaning to take on, think first about the room’s character and what you want to portray. Then look at what is there and potentially what could be removed. Chances are, you have some great staples to begin with, all your space needs is a creative twist!

Please feel free to comment about any of these ideas or send us a hello describing your takeaway from this and your new ideas for your space!

We’d love to see pictures too!

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