It’s time to celebrate Dad. What a guy! What will you be serving Dad for Father’s Day lunch or brunch? Sure, we could have him grill his own steak in the back yard. Or order in barbecue and fixin’s and haul out the paper plates. But this year for Joel I decided to rethink our Father’s Day celebration and serve up a sophisticated brunch with a nod to another era. It has sky-high cool factor, so bring your sunglasses, folks!

fathers day brunch

No dad jokes

Yeah, we know all the dad cliche’s, including the


-plaid shirt

-fishing (who can forget the singing fish? “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”)


-garage (or man cave)

-team jersey

But, you know, that’s all been done (and overdone). So let’s set aside the plaid and camo for a bit. Instead, I was inspired to use a classy, 60’s modern vibe for my brunch, something a little swanky and hip. Go with me here, and feel free to steal my ideas!

table setting brunch

I wanted to do an upscale brunch, but you could plan your event for tapas or a full-on lunch.  So check out some of my swoon-worthy elements. Enjoy my fresh young take on a 60’s mod look.

Flowers? Really?

If you’re going to set a classy table, I say you have to start with something from nature. Whether it’s wood or greenery, sculptural branches or a double handful of bright blooms, natural elements on the table are a must. I love the just-picked look and subtle tones of these peonies, hydrangeas and sprigs of eucalyptus in simple glass vases.  The extra care you spend on your table setting shows your guy how much you care. And, what can I say–I love flowers.


Speaking of nature, if the weather permits, an outdoor venue is a perfect setting to relax with dad and take in the scenery and breezes, too.

outdoor fathers day brunch

I drew inspiration from mid-century modern style with a Mad Men feel. Even my choice of colors for the table reflects common mid-mod themes: aquas, pinks, orange, and lime  green. Now, typically, charcuterie boards feature of variety of meats with contrasting flavors, but I chose to create my boards’ texture, flavor and color with breads, cheeses, nuts and fruits. 

charcuterie board brunch

Then, I amped up the visual appeal and flavor variety by layering in treats that speak to Joel and me of retro summer fun. So I featured s’mores, marshmallows, and wonderful nostalgic candies from Hey Sugar Candy Waco (think Bottle Caps, saltwater taffies, and Gummy Bears). All my serving pieces play up the retro feel–pressed glass hobnail bowls, oxidized silver trays, and antique billiard balls. And because it’s a Father’s Day brunch, the table runner is a soft menswear herringbone fabric.

You do you

My table is a playful nod to another era and has lots of potential for versatility. You could easily blend in your own style preferences and broaden your food options. What would you do to adapt these mid-mod concepts to your food favorites and your style notes? 

vintage table setting

charcuterie board father's day brunch

Chocolate is always good, and of course it’s unbeatable paired with cheese, bright orange grape tomatoes, seasonal nuts and fruit. Do you see my 60’s color scheme at work here –pink, turquoise, orange and green?

charcuterie board father's day brunch

All the details of my brunch contribute to my mid-mod theme. The lavish look of my table I think reflects a feeling of 60’s postwar prosperity. Do you agree? Even the coppery look of the candle holders hearkens back to the popularity of copper decorative accents in the 60’s. Do you remember coppertone appliances in the kitchen? That was a 60’s thing.

Modern shapes

In addition, I chose a modern, unfussy silhouette for my plates and layered them (the top ones remind me of the shape of those early melamine sets). Both have metallic patterns which play off the coppery candle holders. Small touches, big impact.

charcuterie board father's day brunch

Back in the day, before we all became so fitness and gluten conscious, no American table was complete without slabs of crusty homemade bread. We still love bread, and it was a feature of my Father’s Day brunch. Loaves of love.

vintage soda charcuterie board

Pick beverages for your own gathering based on your guy’s preferences and the family favorites. True to the retro theme for my brunch, I picked up an awesome selection of vintage sodas in classic glass bottles from Hey Sugar Candy Waco. Faygo Root Beer, Big Red. Dad’s Blue Creme Soda (blue? who knew?)  You’d be amazed at the varieties available!

father's day celebration

I can’t get enough of this vintage vibe: velveteen tufted sofa, shapely wood coffee table and the hi-fi stereophonic sound belting out our favorite bands from yesteryear.

coffee table decor

You were wondering about the coffee table arrangement? More nostalgic touches for my Mad Men brunch, and you could so do this! Just stack up some vintage books and secure with twine. Set your slim vase of flowers in a straight-sided larger vase, then fill the space between the vases with old-school game pieces. Set out your elements on a serving tray. I chose a Danish modern-look wooden tray for that authentic 60’s feel.

toast to dad

A toast to dad! Thanks for all you are and all you do! Where would we be without you? We wouldn’t!

Wondering how to bring vintage elements into your home decor? I have ideas!  Let’s talk!

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