Okay, real talk? I feel like men, especially the father of my children, can be really difficult to buy for. I don’t know if your husband is like mine, but he always wants clothes, like socks, t-shirts, and things I just find boring and uninspiring. But you know what I find inspiring? A power washer. Seriously – what guy wouldn’t get gratification from a power washer? There’s just something so satisfying about pressure washing our driveway and watching the dirt and grime melt away. It’s like painting a wall of clean, beautiful paint that is inspiring when it’s finished. It reminds me of all the other things in my life that I want to pressure wash – like the beautiful outdoor cushions I have to put a towel on just to sit down? Spray away!

Here’s a great suggestion for a quality pressure washer: https://bit.ly/2Ml9R25

Father’s Day has been a national holiday in the USA only since 1972 (thanks, President Richard Nixon), but we’ve certainly been appreciating (informally) the contribution of dads for a much longer time than that. I mean, where would we be without our dads? We wouldn’t be. At all! If you are able to be with your dad for Father’s Day, show him, by words and actions, how important he is to you. And, of course, with a cool gift.

What should I get Dad for Father’s Day?

Especially when, in true Hunter-Gatherer style, if he needs something, he just goes out and gets it?

Yeah, he may SAY, “I don’t need anything…” (and if he’s the champ we think he is, he’ll add “…I have everything I need right here at home with my family, honey.”) 

But truth be told, behind that nonchalant exterior, his manly heart will be touched by your expressions of love for him, whether it’s handmade by Scotsman Co. or handmade by his progeny.




Pretty cheap and thoughtful gifts for Dad

You know Dad always needs an updated photo for his wallet, desk or office wall, and a reprint at the drugstore costs next to nothing. A new coffee mug with the kids’ “mugs” on it makes dads everywhere smile. Options abound: a keychain, puzzle or calendar with family photos – all that stuff. The kids can make a swell photo frame out of, you know, legos or pom poms and glitter or something. You KNOW they’d love to put their hands on a paper plate of paint to make handprint cards for dad!

What about a subscription to his favorite magazine: hunting, fitness, car stuff? The Modern Huntsman is a standout. And I’d for sure get the handmade leather sleeve for it so Dad can pack his latest issue along – so cool, that leather.

Speaking of subscriptions! Maybe a RAZOR subscription, with free delivery?  There’s also that new pair of slippers, or slip-on athleisure shoes.  You know your dad: would he like the Daddy Shark, DOO DOO DOO t-shirt? Your call on that one. 

But if not that shirt, you can’t go wrong with a sports jersey from his favorite team. I kinda like the offbeat  t-shirts, like the one with an atom picture on it that says “YOU MATTER (Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared–then, YOU ENERGY).” Nerdy dads totally get it! Or dads of girls can proudly sport this one: “You don’t scare me. I have ___ daughters!” 

Useful gifts for Dad

A portable grill (with a cute mini propane tank) for the park or for campouts is a must for the outdoorsy dad. If Dad’s a griller, he always needs grilling tools and gadgets. New individual meat thermometers. Or the new wireless meat thermometer that alerts his cell phone when the steaks are perfect. Smart! There’s always the personalized apron or cutting board.  Or new rubs! You could make up a gift cooler FULL of griller toys.

 Does he have the all-in-one knife/tool yet? Even if he does, he needs an extra for the glove box in the car or his tackle box. 

Of course, the key to enjoying the great outdoors (even if it’s outdoors on the patio monitoring the kids in the pool) is keeping the drinks cold.  I like the Brumate Hopsulator stainless steel insulated bottle cooler. Dad will, too.

And since looking cool is as important as keeping cool, you can’t go wrong with a stylish pair of aviator sunglasses. I mean, come on, you know he wants to look like Tom Cruise!

After a grueling day of yardwork (or flag football, hopefully soon), he’ll need the Sylphim Massage Gun for those aching muscles. It’s a handheld rechargeable percussion massager–perfect for that deep tissue massage. 

And cleaning up after yard day will be a breeze for Dad with a beard bib that catches hair clippings–no hair in the sink! You may appreciate that gift as much as dad does.

Retro Dad gifts

There aren’t many dads who don’t like to be reminded of their youthful days, so a retro gift is a surefire hit. What dad wouldn’t like a cool pair of P.F. Flyers? These sneakers are totally cool now, and come in so many styles and colors, both high tops and low cuts.  “Jump higher, run faster” in P.F. Flyers, dad! (Secret agent code ring may or may not be included.)

Vinyl records have made a big comeback. Does Dad have a collection? If Dad doesn’t have a turntable yet, you could get him a jazzy portable one so he can spin a few platters anywhere.  A lot of the turntables now have bluetooth capability, too. 

Maybe he’d like some albums for his collection.  British rock, swing or jazz bands, death metal, guitar legends? Your local record shop guy would love to help you, or you can check Ebay for specific titles.  And dad can store his albums standing up (as of course you must) using these fab record bookends. 

More retro: his favorite movie on DVD? A boxed set of Star Wars? The possibilities are endless.

More-than-a-gift-card gifts

Sure you can get dad a gift card for the home improvement store and he’ll probably appreciate it. Or a card for a restaurant steak dinner (that he can use whenever things open up a little more). But it would mean a lot to dad to have a steak that YOU grilled. Or an IOU to find a cool new restaurant that you can try together later. If dad’s a foodie, he would love to explore some new options, right? Or maybe a wine tasting experience. Are golf courses open yet? Campgrounds? Consider planning an outing with dad. So much more memorable than a gift card, or a new tie (unless, of course, he’s really into ties.)

No cost gifts for Dad 

Gifts that mean a lot don’t have to cost a lot. Life is all about our memories. If you’re not going to able to be with your dad, surprise him with a gift of memories for Father’s Day. You could make an iMovie of photos of your dad, and especially of you WITH dad, and send it to him via email. In addition, you could get friends or family members to contribute audio memories. That could be a stand-alone gift. Or add it to the movie as a soundtrack.

Techy gifts for Dad

Have you seen the solar panel gadget chargers? Whoa! Now there’s a gift millennial dads will surely appreciate. Some wireless earbuds or noise blocking earphones would be a hit, for sure! Maybe a new, really tough phone case? Is Dad into voice activated stuff, like an Echo or Home? “Alexa, play the Rolling Stones…” Or hey, for non-techy dads, there’s the search-by-voice remotes!. If the pro teams ever get back on the field, that’s a huge score right there!

As we’re all making adjustments in the ways we celebrate right now, I’m sure you’ll find some amazing ways to celebrate that amazing dad or fatherly figure in your life!