So. Do you say neesh?  Or nitch. Or maybe nish? Just take your pick when it comes to the “niche”–I’ve heard all three ways (but probably nitch the most).

What’s a niche? You know those little recesses in the wall where you can…well, here, let’s see what we CAN do with nitches, neeshes or nishes.

At this client’s house, the moody-toned niche above the fireplace was a perfect place for tv, decor items and a savvy, symmetrical grouping of mirrors. The paint really shows it off, don’t you think?

Dallas Farmhouse Living Room Design

Another version of tv/decorative items/mirrors, but this one makes use of a perfectly sized console table pushed into the niche to provide storage and tie the elements together.

Dallas Living Room Design

This client’s arched niche called for bookshelves to show off some pretty lanterns, family photos and books. (I’m going to blog someday soon about styling a bookshelf. Stay tuned!)

 Dallas Farmhouse Design

I have a quirky little niche in my kitchen wall that stars a rotating display of pottery and whatever else I’m inspired to include (like This, That, Whatever)! So fun to change it out for seasons and holidays.

Dallas Kitchen Design

 I love the petite workspace we added in our kitchen niche by outfitting it with subway tile, desktop, lighting and shelf. It’s a perfect spot to do some quick planning while the boys are having their cereal (um, I mean their homemade waffles, fresh strawberries and crisp bacon!)
 Dallas Farmhouse Kitchen Design

A niche helps you maximize your floor space!

Dallas Interior Design We played up the playful personality of this AirBnb project by painting the niche walls in bright colors and styling all white decor pieces on the white shelves.

(Have you seen this trick? You can create a niche between the studs in your wall! That is, you can let a contractor do it, so you don’t disturb any wiring. But looky there–instant added storage and display!)

Would you like help styling your niches and nooks? What other projects do you have in mind for spring? Let’s talk!