Come Behind the Scenes on my Flea Market Magazine Photo Shoot!

The newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens’ Best of Flea Market Style magazine will be out on April 12–and I’m so jazzed to tell you this “Junk Queen” is featured in its pages for a SECOND TIME!  I was scouted three years ago by BHG editors and our previous home was the subject of an amazing spread in 2017 that I still swoon over. Since a move was then on our horizon, the editors asked me to keep in touch and let them know when we had moved…

Well, after some emails and photos back and forth, the editors asked to feature our CURRENT home, but I said,

“No, that’s ok, once is enough…”

Um. . . . . . maybe not!?

Are you kidding me??

So after some months (yes, it really takes that long) stylists and photographers were once more working their magic all over my house.  The process of developing an article like this is lengthy and quite amazing, and I can’t wait to see the finished product with you on the 12th! But in the meantime, here’s your backstage pass!

Because I had been through the process once before, it was not quite so nerve-wracking as the first time.  Even though this article would feature my WHOLE HOUSE AND MY FAMILY, I knew better what to expect, and I knew the people on the team, who are all so nice! Since we shared the same goal–which was a fantastic shoot and to show the house in the best light–we actually had a lot of fun! 


  For the previous article, I had my list of additional items to provide for styling the rooms, but this time the stylist took care of a lot of that, and I wasn’t so stressed about getting the house ready. Instead, I could save all my stress for what to wear! They want you to be casual, but y’all, when I know this photo is going to be seen by a LOT of people, I have a hard time with jeans and flip flops! (You know, I’m a Southern girl, and my mama taught me that you wear
DRESSES for special occasions. And this was VERY special.)


So I chose a dress and styled my family around my black and white scheme. But even with that major decision behind me, I still kept jumping behind the camera to check my hair! (And what if I’m standing weird? Should I wear my glasses or not?) But the photographer was great, and so patient, that I was reassured and let him get on with his job!


 Last time we did this, Abe, my youngest, was just a toddler. I was pretty nervous, but he did well. This time he was able to better follow directions and actually enjoyed it. We were supposed to have had a family photo in the previous spread, but the timing didn’t work out, so it was special to be able to include us all this time around.


It’s so strange to see your house set up for a photo shoot.  You realize that even though your house looks pretty good, those magazine pictures are STYLED to show them off to best advantage.

And to get the best angle for a photo, hey, kneeling in my shower is all in a day’s work!

Now, I love fresh flowers, and always try to have some in the house.  But for a magazine shoot, we’re talking FLOWERS! 
Because you never know what you’re going to need for a shot–like this.
I’m trying to be patient as I wait for Best of Flea Market Style to come to retailers. I’ve only had a couple of sneak peeks as I’ve described for the editors what was pictured in the jpgs they sent me.  But the final choice of pictures and the layout will be a total surprise!

You don’t have to imagine your home in a national magazine–just imagine what YOU’D LIKE it to be. I’d be so pleased to help you with that process!  Let’s talk!

Have some questions? No problem! I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation.

Email me to book a call time–and let’s start making design fun!


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  1. Angela Ritsema April 9, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Wow!! I can’t imagine the excitement of that photo shoot!! It looks amazing and can’t wait to see the magazine!!

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