Maybe you’d like to throw a bash on the Fourth but the thought of all the prep…

Burgers and buns–check!



…AUGHHH, it’s just too exhausting!

But hey, take a step back. Release the burgerfest to someone else’s house! Why not invite everyone over for an evening S’MORES BAR around the fire pit! By the time everyone’s thoroughly sticky and stuffed with gooey goodness, it’ll be time to head to the park for fireworks.

Sign. Basket of fixin’s. A few dollar store flags. Boom! Done.

Dallas interior designer vintage fourth of july party ideas

No fire pit? Or too hot to hang outside? Crank up the AC and bring the party in! Leave the oven OFF and serve cold finger foods you can assemble with just a little stirring or chopping: hummus and veggies, fresh fruit, tortilla rollups, cheese and crackers.

If you love flea market/rummage sale pieces like I do, just pull out every red, white or blue item you can find and craft a spontaneous patriotic table setting.

Dallas interior designer vintage fourth of july party ideas

I mean, really–some mix and match dishes, wood blocks, bingo cards, my old checkered cookbook, some vintage tins, a lipstick red pitcher.

dallas interior designer fourth of july party ideas

You don’t have to break the bank at the ready-made party store, I promise.

Now relax- and get out there and have some fun on the Fourth!

When you have a home you love, of course you love to have folks in!

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