A fresh new year awaits!  If you’re conquering clutter this year, you’re going to be dealing with mementos and keepsakes. Last time I shared some tips for displaying keepsakes.  Gallery walls are another way to showcase unique family treasures that help to tell your story! Now we’ve all seen plenty of the purchased-artwork-and-family-photos ones, and they’re great.  For a fresh take on the gallery wall idea, though, let me show you some ideas I used in my own home!
This gallery wall does showcase special family photos but the supporting cast includes handwriting samples from 1972 (my dad), 2006 (our eldest son), and 2016 (our youngest son).  Also some framed tickets to a special lifetime event, and my childhood scissors, which remind me always of happy times doing arts and crafts at Granny’s house. What memories of yours might be squirreled away in a box?  If displayed, they could delight you daily!
What to do with items from your or your children’s babyhood? When I see this little gallery wall of shadowboxes with my boys’ infant clothing,  photos, and footprints, I’m reminded to seize every precious day with them, because they’re growing so fast.  The decor is sentimental but also decorative.  Do you have some keepsakes from yesteryear that would be fun to arrange and show off?

My son’s sports-themed bedroom was a perfect place to create a gallery wall of vintage photos and pennants.

I also have some memorabilia from my dad’s run for a baseball state title that I am thinking how to incorporate in his room. Because my dad has passed away, these items are particularly meaningful to us and should have a place of honor in our home.  How would you use items like these? Keepsakes that family hold special memories of a family member are treasures that deserve display.

ANYPLACE in your home is a candidate for a gallery wall: Here, vintage sheet music, Southern manners and silhouettes make up this mini gallery wall in a bathroom nook. Vintage first aid kit and manuals are just for fun!
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