Give the gift of time 

 Room Refresh

Can you give the gift of time? 

If I told you that research shows that you loved one would adore this gift, would you believe me? 

It’s true. Recent research shows that experiences are better investments than tangible items. And what better experience to have the experience of your daily living space being revamped?!

 In addition, the same research shows that people are most satisfied spending their money when they can outsource something they could possibly do themselves, but will save them time and stress to give to someone else. 

Basically, you are happier when you buy yourself time, not stuff. 

So can you give the gift of time?

How you create an experience for your special one to love their home?

Introducing: Room Refresh Lux Gift Box

This design session gift is given now and once opened, can be completed in the home or online via Skype.   Our team will even email you the beautifully designed gift certificate for you to wrap and present!

Included in the session:

I will review your existing floor plan, offer any recommendations for new furniture or decor placement, suggest any changes to update the space, discuss any furniture you need to purchase, make recommendations for room improvements you may not have considered, and answer any questions about how to solve what irks you! We can talk paint color, paint sheen or where to stop painting- whatever solves your problems. It is your time to get answers and stop being stuck.

“Courtney has a knack for pulling together your ideas and adding the missing pieces you didn’t even know you needed. A true talent in the design industry…she is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her for your next project.” –Recent Client 

Purchase for $315