I am so blessed to have amazing people to work with.

And I am looking for one amazing, very specific NON DESIGN role  to help me carry out my projects! 

If so, please refer them to complete this short 5-7 min personality survey

as it is a big part of helping me find the right person for this

fast paced Administrative and Personal Assistant. 

Jobs and lives are changing every day.

We are looking for the right DETAILED, NON-CREATIVE candidate to hire for our growing interior design business.

This is full time, based in Waxahachie.

Read the job description here:

To apply:

  1. Fill out the personality survey. We rely heavily on this and will quickly contact anyone who matches the profile we are looking for.
  2. Email your resume and cell phone number so we can follow up with the candidates that fit the profile for which we are hiring.