Holiday eBook Bundle 

Sometimes the holidays feel like a sneak attack that are a burden instead of the fun and memory-makers they can be.

And I am the first offender?

That’s me…Stressing over what should be special.

So, what can we do instead? How can we make our holiday season intentional, and how can our decor add to the magic of the season instead of the stress?

  • How can we pull everything out of the attic and put it in the house for 2 months without the house feeling dirty, cluttered and disheveled?
  • Do we buy new decor every year? How do we do that without going broke in an already expensive season?
  • Do we follow the newest holiday trends, or do we stick with classics? Is there a way to mix both without it looking disheveled?
  • Do we decorate every single room?  How? Like, a pinecone on the toilet? How much is too much and how do we know when to STOP?
  • How in the world do we store all this STUFF. (Insert the word crap if you like to live on the edge!) Where do we put it and how? Because by the time the season is finished, I am also finished, and I usually throw it in a box to not be pulled out until next year. Then I have twice the work to make sense of what I have as I work through tangles and wires and snags and broken bulbs and I am already tired before I have begun. How can I work smarter and not harder?
  • Finally, what is even the point of all this madness? Is the season worth the stress? Why should we spend the time to decorate for the holidays?

I love the holidays, and love having my house look festive, but it is a lot of work to get everything decorated! Working with Courtney really made a difference in how the house looked. The holidays are such a busy time that it’s nice to have a helping hand.

-Beth in Frisco

I happen to adore decorating for holidays and my passion gets fulfilled every year as I help homeowners up the Holiday Game with items they already  have. I realized quickly that not everyone needs to hire a decorator to come to their home, and there are some consistent building blocks that make holiday decor smoother and more impactful while using what you already own!

I want to share those with you this year in my long awaited Holiday Blueprint Bundle, made up of 2 separate products. These ebooks are so chalk full of tips that I am devoting a dedicated space to each Holiday!

5 Days of Fall is an ebook that contains building blocks to assist you as we tackle the worst pinpoints and hassles of decorating for the holidays.
Some items we are covering include:
  • Items that do Double Duty: Stretch Halloween into Thanksgiving
  • Smart Storage Now for Simple Setup Later
  • Clutter: If you were a TV show, would you be Clean Sweep or Hoarders
  • How to update but not break the bank
  • What to know about mixing trends with classics
  • How much is too much? Entire house vs. A few rooms
This is going to launch you into another level of Christmas tips, tricks and life hacks while I walk you step-by-step to working smarter not harder.

And, when you purchase both the Holiday Bundle, which includes both 5 Days of Fall and The Christmas Blueprint, you can get them both for a discounted price!

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  • I live in DFW and I am interested in these tips, but also would like information about your in home Christmas packages. It sounds dreamy to have someone come to my house and decorate it for me! Do I need both?

I would say these tips will  help you in tackling any holiday decor project, whether its big or small. It never hurts to be more prepared and have better tools for when you might need them, whether it is this year or down the road. And for this price, it is a fantastic resource that you can use every year! 

  • Speaking of, how do I get information about your in-home Christmas decorating services?

Please look at my Christmas Decor page!

Do you have a question I haven’t covered? Please email me at [email protected] and I will fill you in on anything I missed!

                                         Join me for this exciting, limited time Ebook and make your holiday work time count!