Let’s start today’s holiday home tour with my favorite room– the kitchen.

I mean, the room where design and food collide.

I’m in. You had me at food.

 This room is where we spend the majority of the time, and where my kids hang out, so I wanted it to be fun, lively, and kid friendly. To me, red and white seemed the right choice for holiday magic!

And obviously, I am in here cooking homemade meals from scratch every night.

I mean, right? Uh….right.

 While it is true that we HAVE a formal dining room, everyone knows that you only eat in it once a year. The other times it is closed for business, and this is where the real dinner happens.

 I love having a small seating area in my kitchen because I feel like people are always standing around. This way, they can sit around.

 My collection of vintage Santas. My favorite.

This is the view when you are sitting in the kitchen.

A tree in every room?  Why not? Each one has its own personality.

 Next we have the mudroom area leading to the Master.  I really love this area so much. It makes me happy to pass it everyday. It is one of the small areas that packs a punch to my heart.

 Finally, here is the master bedroom.

 Our family also spends a lot of time in here–I think I have mentioned how my kids will pass their own bathroom to come in and bathe in ours–so I carried the decor all throughout.

“Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled…for a long winter’s nap…”
I mix some holiday frames in with my everyday frames on the shelf.

 I have a collection of Santa photos through the years. I love looking back at these hilarious and sweet photos!

I focused on different colors in different rooms. In some  houses that might feel disjointed, but this historic house lends itself to variances in decor, so I felt like I could pull it off.

Seen something in my home that inspires your holiday decorating? Share!