My House

Welcome to my home! I am so excited to give you a tour of my beautiful, family-oriented space. This cottage was built in 1926 and we loved the charm and history! We renovated the kitchen and and restored and updated many of the rooms to improve the flow and livability. Behind the pastel colored drywall was hearty shiplap, so we exposed it in many rooms. Finally, to finish out this labor of love, I furnished it with refined rustic glam decor and accessorized with interesting pieces that tell a story. The result is a home we truly LIVE in. With 2 boys and a puppy, we do not have any other choice, and we love to live here. Come see our space!


1980’s Update

This now airy space was once dark, drab and dingy. New kitchen cabinets, flooring, sink, lighting and layout completely reenergized the space! The master bedroom and teenage bedroom also got a fantastic update with all new paint, furniture, bedding and lighting. These once dark and depressing 1980’s dated spaces now are the perfect places to relax after a hard day!


Modern Farm House

This family of six loves the farmhouse style but doesn’t want it to feel like a fad. To keep it timeless, I incorporated the classic elements of farmhouse but with a modern edge. As a result, this eclectic modern farmhouse has a true wow- factor that won’t be easily dated.


AirBnb Spaces

I was contacted by Parrell travel company to design a colorful, fun, and festive Air BNB that celebrates Dallas. Once I did the first one, they liked it so much they called me back to do two more! They are available to rent online now.  This fantastic, whirlwind project for Air BNB was a playful nod to Dallas Glam, Southern Hospitality, and the "upscale" reputation Dallas sometimes earns. Black and white polka dots paired with vibrant colors make this space cheeky and chic!

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