Eclectic Lake Views

This home was very traditional when this homeowner moved in; think old-world, Tuscan, and big, heavy, brown furniture. This single dad hired me to help him reflect his family's fun spirit! We used bold, happy colors and interesting accents. The art featured was hand-printed by a local artist to showcase his girls. Now his home reflects his active and energetic family! 


Glam 2000’s Upgrade

This home came equipped with two laundry rooms, a pet grooming station, and a beautiful living space with cathedral ceilings. But this classic farmhouse needed some color and character! We moved up from brown neutrals to pops of pink and white. Now, this space feels fun-loving and modern. There's also plenty of cozy fur pillows and stunning artwork for an extra dose of glam-- a perfect fit for this young (and young-at-heart) family!

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