We’ve made it to 2021, y’all! A new year and a fresh start–especially when it comes to our homes. And it’s time to create a home that makes you happy! Because life is too short to spend years living in a space that you don’t adore. Plus, if your spaces feel cheerful and bright, chances are, it will turn up your positivity levels too.

Designing also doesn’t have to be a burden or a mystery this year. I’m focused on soothing your design anxiety and giving you simple tips to make your spaces feel authentic to who you are. And how you live.

When I talk about designing spaces that feel authentic, what I mean is…

Design should be all about what you love.

Your lifestyle.

Your vision.

But before I get into the best tips for creating a home that makes you feel good, there’s one crucial step to tackle first.

Get Clear on Your Design Style

And that is — getting clear on your interior design style. Knowing your tastes in furniture, color palettes, and textures are the first step to achieving your design vision. If you know where to start, you won’t feel overwhelmed. Or need costly redos.

And trust me, design decision fatigue is a real thing. So many of my clients come to me with the same concern.

“Courtney, I feel overwhelmed by all the design choices out there. I don’t know where to start.”

I get it!

This is why I want to share a quick overview of interior design styles. There are many categories of style out there, but here are the main ones:

  1. Transitional: a mix of traditional elegance with contemporary clean lines.
  2. Traditional: draws inspiration from 18th & 19th Century England and France.
  3. Modern: clean lines with an emphasis on silver metals (very sleek looking).
  4. Eclectic: focused on creating a culture rich interior.
  5. Contemporary: present time design with a sophisticated and clean approach.
  6. Coastal: emphasis on shades of blue, stripes, and forever sea-inspired.
  7. Modern Farmhouse: think shiplap and Joanna Gaines.

Keep in mind that some interior design styles are simply a mixture of each other.

For example: Transitional = contemporary + traditional

By the way! There’s no rule in the book that says you’ve got to fit into a specific design mold or criteria. You can choose something super vintage and pair it with another very modern piece. Putting them together, however, is an art all by itself.

create a home that makes you happy

Top Tip: If you’re stumped on this, look online for interior design quizzes. Use Pinterest and create a board with pins of colors, textures, artwork, and interiors that you admire. HGTV has a nice, simple quiz on how you can find your interior design style here.

A home that makes you happy = decluttering

Even if you get clear on your design style, you’ll never reach your design vision if your space is full of clutter.  If you can’t part way with things you no longer use (or love), it’s impossible to make that space beautiful or comfortable.

And you’re not alone. Clutter creeps up on all of us.

But, think it through– how many paring knives do you REALLY need? Hmm.

For the items you do need, I always recommend setting up organizational systems that fit your lifestyle. Check out more of my decluttering tips over here!


Interior design style? Check.

Decluttering session? Check.

Now, let’s focus on refreshing your spaces.

Top Tip: Here are a few budget and time-friendly refreshers you can do right now:

-Change out old photos from the holidays, or hire a pro and get new family photos taken for this year.

-Invest in new throw pillows for your living room seating and bedrooms.

-If you have a green thumb, bring in some plants for a fresh, clean feel.

-If you’re a savvy DIYer, consider repainting or refinishing outdated furniture.

-Change any rugs or runners in your spaces that are either dingy or outdated. It’s always surprising to see just how big an impact changing out one rug can have on the whole space.

-Consider repainting your spaces, either a new color or a fresh coat of the same color for a space with stained or marked walls.

Make a Decorating Schedule

Once you get a general idea of spaces and or decor pieces you want to refresh, make a schedule. Even if you’re not a savvy planner or super keen on having to-do lists, this will help you.

Draw up a list of all the updates you’d like to make in your home. Be specific, i.e., order a sofa, hire a painter for the living room.

Also, try creating a room-specific list and organize each task by space.

This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and allow you to get things done on time.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to set a budget and go slow. You don’t need to finish every design task right away.

Update Lighting Fixtures

Updating your living spaces also means changing out your light fixtures. Even if you’re handy, I recommend hiring an electrician. If there’s a space that doesn’t feel so charming, invest in a new light fixture. Instant transformation!

Sconces are great too because they free up surface area. Perfect for a small foyer. Or bathrooms.

Even changing out your bedroom lamps on your nightstands in a master suite or guest bedroom can have a HUGE impact.

create a home that makes you happy

So which updates will you make first?

Happy decorating and Happy New Year from all of us here at Courtney Warren Home! We’re excited to hear from you. Share your New Year design projects with us here:

Updating your living spaces for 2021

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