There’s something special about walking into a space that’s showcasing a stunning flower arrangement. It’s a surefire way to get your good vibes up and running in no time. 

Flowers have an intuitive job to make you feel happy and relaxed. They add bright color and charm to any space. Plus, they smell good! For these reasons, faux flowers just don’t cut it sometimes.

Why You Should Make a Flower Arrangement for Your Home

If you’ve scrolled through Pinterest or Instagram, you’ve definitely come across breathtaking floral bouquets. They’ll be sitting on kitchen islands or coffee tables. Why is that? Is this habit exclusive to the rich and famous? Or interior designers prepping for photoshoots? It’s true that as a designer, I display a flower arrangements in client homes all the time for an extra pop of pretty. But, I also use them in my own home even when there is no special occasion whatsoever– just for me.

Sometimes it’s OK to do things for ourselves because it makes us feel good, am I right? 

If flowers aren’t your “feel good” kinda’ scene, think of something that is and start doing it! We could all use a few things right now that boost our happy hormones.

One of my favorite bouquet techniques includes displaying one type of flower in a neat bunch.

Hello, pink, sweet peonies! Since these charmers are only in season from April-June, I’m quick to grab as many bunches as I can in those few weeks.

Arranging a floral bouquet brightens your home. It adds a lovely accessory for special occasions or holiday festivities, too. That doesn’t mean you need to wait for a special event to display your blooms. You can place an arrangement on your kitchen island for a pop of beauty all-year around.

If all those reasons haven’t inspired you to create a floral arrangement just yet, listen up! 

How to Make Floral Arrangements by Using ONLY Grocery Store Flowers

You don’t need to be a professional florist or have access to exclusive floral markets and wholesalers. Plus, a DIY arrangement will cost you less than $40.00. AND all you have to do is drive to your local supermarket. 

I used to walk right past by my supermarket flowers and could never envision how they would look good in my home. But, I wanted to take on the challenge–how can I make grocery store flowers look good? 

When you buy flowers from the supermarket, it’s very easy to put an arrangement together. If you do it right, your result will be worthy of any boutique florist! Plus, for days when you’re short on time and need a floral arrangement for a gift or get-together, supermarket bouquets only take a few minutes to arrange.  I’ll share some tips that helped me pump up the impact of a mixed bouquet. Let’s start!

Prepping Your Flower Arrangement

Here’s what you’ll need:

    1. Florist cutters
    2. Any vase you have lying around
    3. Lazy susan
    4. Fresh water
    5. Floral tape or regular clear tape
    6. Flowers

A. 2-3 bushels of green foliage:

  • Eucalyptus (silver dollar, willow, or true blue)
  • Italian Ruscus

B. 2-3 types of feature flowers in complementing colors:

  • Lillies
  • Carnations
  • Roses
  • Ranunculus

Tip: Pick out flower bunches that are slightly closed, which will ensure your bouquet stays fresher for a more extended period.

How to Pick out Your Flowers

When picking out your grocery store bunches, consider:

(1) Complementing and contrasting colors and hues.

(2) Flowers with a variety of sizes.

(3) Fillers that poke straight up mixed in with a few that are loose and free!

Steps on How to Make a Flower Arrangement

Step 1: Take out all of your flowers from the plastic wrap and group them by type.

Step 2: Prep and clean all pieces. Do this by stripping any leaves or parts that will sit below the waterline. This prevents your flowers from molding and your water turning brown.

Pro tip: Don’t throw out the small powdered food packets that come attached to the plastic wrap! We’ll use these in a few minutes.

Step 3: Cut each stem at an angle. This maximizes the surface area of the stem so it can suck up more water. This will help your flower arrangement last longer.

Step 4: Fill your vase with fresh, clean water and mix in one food packet. One pack should be enough for one container.

Pro Tip: Use tape on the top of your vase (pat the surface dry if the tape isn’t sticking). If you have a clear vase, use clear tape to create a grid on top of your vase. This is how your pieces will stay in an upright position. Place your vase on a lazy susan, so you have some spinning action. Now, you can arrange and view your bouquet coming together from all angles.

Step 5: Start with a solid base of greens and foliage. Create an X and keep filling in until you have a full, luscious outline of the arrangement. The greenery will be your background. 

Pro Tip: Adding a variety of greenery or foliage will make your bouquet look fuller. If you mix 2-3 foliage types with 2-3 feature flowers, you’ll achieve a designer look without the high prices.

This combination ensures that your cheap flowers will look expensive. Plus, your flower arrangement will be bright and full.

Step 6: Use your feature flowers. Arrange them in a way that fills up the rest of the arrangement. 

And VOILA! You should have a gorgeous flower arrangement ready to go! 

How do You Make Supermarket Flowers Last Longer and Keep them Looking Fresh? 

We’ve got answers for that too!

  • Mix in 2 drops of bleach to the water. 
  • Every few days, replace your water with fresh water. Try using a turkey baster to take out the old water and pour new water in!

You also don’t have to use conventional vases. Use a teacup, mug, extra-large mason jar, or whimsical open sculpture instead. Making floral arrangements for any gathering, whether it’s for a holiday centerpiece or Mother day brunch, will add a cozy feeling. By using grocery store flowers, you can make your own Pinterest-worthy flower arrangement.

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