Valentines Day is coming up y’all! And whether you’re hosting a get-together with friends, family or spending quality time with your special someone– I have Valentine’s Day Decorating ideas that will set the romantic mood just right. Some cheesy, others classic, and a few easy DIY projects that you’ll want to try this season!

Let’s start with a few of my favorites here:

For The Home

“Be Mine” pinatas or pink and white checkered paper plates? Did anything on my favorites list catch your eye?

I’ve got more! Let’s get into a few more decorating hacks to spruce up your home for Valentine’s day:

First, match your linens with a classic pink, white or red color palette. Best part? –This is an easy way to jazz up your spaces without looking too on-theme. Start with a table cloth in a pink-and-white buffalo plaid pattern to liven up any indoor or outdoor table.

Or just change your napkins!

If you’re super crafty– buy fabrics in traditional valentine’s colors. Then stitch your own pillow covers or hang yards of fabric on your walls for a colorful backdrop.

Top Tip: Swag up an outdated chair that’s wasting away in storage. Reupholster it with something cheery like pink florals or stripes. This one you can keep all year round! If you hate pink, try another traditional Valentine’s day color–red, purple, or white.

If stitching and fabric shopping isn’t your jam, hang wall streamers instead.

A few more ways to pull the valentine look together:

  • Swap out your artwork with love-inspired quotes or illustrations like the one above “I love you more than Diet Coke.”
  • Write messages on a chalkboard or dry erase board. Get your kids involved too! With a few pieces of colored chalk, let them design the entire board from edge to edge.
  • Mix and match your decor to create a perfect Valentine’s Day canvas– add bright fabrics, tones, and patterns. I displayed a pink vintage plate on my bookshelf above and spelled out L O V E with wooden letters down below.

For The Home- Subtle

If L O V E signs don’t inspire you and you’d rather follow a decorating theme that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, use these decorating tips instead:

Spice up your kitchen table with real or faux flowers. Pink hydrangeas or purple tulips work well. Or fill white flowers in pink mason jars and vases.

Valentine's Day Decorating

Also, add a pop of color by replacing standard bulbs with pink-hued ones.

Buy decor in shades of pink, purple, or white. Coffee table books in shades of pink are a great way to add color. Plus, you can use these books in your spaces throughout the year.

A few more subtle decorating techniques:

  • Display an assortment of red vases on your mantel.
  • Place red and pink candles in mason jars.
  • Celebrate your valentine! Get those wedding pictures out and put them in a red or pink frame.

Top Tip: Get a plan wreath for your door and DIY it. For each season, refresh it with the current theme. Wreaths are a great way to up your curb appeal, and make a strong and thoughtful impression when someone comes to visit!

For Loved Ones

If you’re hosting a get-together, there are so many simple and elegant DIY decor ideas to try. From DIY kiss balloons to Thumbprint Mason Jars, try something playful!


  • Heart garlands in the shape and style of Sweethearts– the small heart-shaped sugar candies! Cut a few heart-shaped pieces of paper and write classic messages — “Be Mine,” “Call Me,” “Miss You.”
  • If you have any small plants like succulents and ferns– paint their pots in Valentine’s day decorating colors or paste a red felt heart on top of a strip of burlap with a hot glue gun.
  • Spell out “Love” and frame it on the wall. This one also lasts all year! ​

Valentine's Day Decorating

If you’re not into hearts or pink, try displaying family treasures, photos, or your family initials in a classic monogram. This sets a clear intention in your space– that you love your dear ones and want your home to feel warm.

Top Tip: We don’t mind pretty, on-trend items from the home stores, but adding more personal touches makes a huge impact!

Valentine’s Day Decorating For You

Decorating for your home and loved ones is a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, don’t forget to do something nice for yourself too. Why not get a heart-shaped sweatshirt that’s soft and comfy for lounging around on a Sunday evening? Or monogrammed cups for your morning coffee?

Valentine's Day Decorating

Which decorating tricks will you roll out this holiday season? We hope we’ve encouraged you to try something new–whether you love or hate this tradition!


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