It’s true that a small space = less square footage.

But, just because it’s small–doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and design.

Here’s how to pack personality into a small space.

Tip #1: Don’t Fear Bold Paint Colors

There’s an old saying that small rooms will feel smaller with darker paint colors. This isn’t always the case. Choosing a darker color for a small space can have the opposite effect.

Color has power. It can instantly lift a space’s mood and design.

This is especially true in powder rooms, bedrooms, or office spaces.

Here’s how:

  • A dark, moody color can add a touch of drama to a boring, dull space.
  • Make an unrestful bedroom feel calmer.
  • Provide a low-maintenance backdrop for high-traffic areas.
  • Spice up new construction where everything feels squeaky clean (almost too clean).

Pack personality into a small space

We always gravitate towards dark shades of blue. Based on color psychology, blue tones promote clarity and pureness.

Top Tip: When choosing paint colors, always test them out first! Live with the sample for a few days. How does it look paired with your furniture? In daytime? At night? Then, finalize your selection. Learn more tips on how to choose paint colors here.

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky.

It’s also a primary color on the color wheel.

See how blue adds a tranquillity touch to this guest bedroom (above) and gender-neutral nursery (below)?

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Tip #2: Add Fun Wallpaper

If bold paint colors don’t feel like the best choice for you–try wallpaper instead. When selecting wallpaper, if it’s a smaller space–consider the scale of the pattern. You don’t want a super large printed wallpaper in a small space.

You can still try something fun, colorful, and bold.

Here’s a living room space we used wallpaper in:

Nothing too thin or thick–something just right.

Now this striped accent wall adds character to this living space.

Here’s another space where we used a bright blue wallpaper with a playful pattern in a powder room. How many animals do you see?

Pack personality into a small space

Top tip: If you want something calmer, try a wallpaper that has softer colors (light blue, pastels, etc). This way, even a patterned wallpaper will feel restful.

Tip #3: Choose Cool Architectural Elements

If wallpaper feels like a trend of the past, and you’d rather keep your walls neutral– there’s another way to add character to your space too.

Upgrade the architectural elements in your home:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Crown molding
  • Wainscotting
  • Fireplace mantels and fireplace stone
  • Wooden beams
  • Beadboard

Check out a few examples below of how we spruced up small spaces just by focusing on the architectural elements:

We created a custom herringbone wooden pattern in this entryway (instead of adding beadboard or traditional wainscotting).

With teal, oak, and walnut wood color tones.

You’ll also notice the stunning white brick arch.

And on the right side, a rustic door perfect for a classic farmhouse finish.

Next, we placed crown molding on this tray ceiling for more personality and added wooden paneling in the center.


Tip #4: Use Upbeat Lighting

Above all else, lighting is one great thing you should always focus on.

Take a look at this office! This workspace is fit to work. And it has all three elements–a bold green color, a floral wallpapered accent wall, and two lovely light fixtures.

Pack personality into a small space

This home office is a surefire way to get anyone’s creative juices flowin’.

A fabulous light fixture brings a room to life and adds function. It’s also a fairly quick and budget-friendly fix (and doesn’t require any renovation).

Tip #5: Incorporate Pieces You Love

It’s important to add what makes you feel good in the spaces your style.

Don’t get too caught up on what matches. Or what fits interior design trends. If you love a certain art piece, your space will embrace it too!

So, whether it’s adding vintage pieces or putting your hobby on display, there’s a way to spice up a dull space for everyone.

Here, we used our client’s vintage plates as a dining room focal point against a dark gray wall.

Which design tips will you try as you design your small spaces?

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