While you’re at home, making little changes can be a big mood lifter. Here’s one: style or restyle your coffee table!

sofa love throw

Ah, the coffee table. Sure, it’s a knee-banger, but what would we do without it? There it sits, humbly awaiting our drinks, our remotes, our bookmarked pages, our sock-clad feet.

What’s a mom to do?

mom and kids

A mom asked me recently, “My coffee table seems to stay covered with kids toys and papers. Is it even worth it to try to style it?” Absolutely! When the kids’ things are put away, how nice to sit back with your beverage of choice (and the remote to yourself)  and enjoy a put-together look in your family room!

state fair living room

Just because coffee tables are useful doesn’t mean they can’t be a beautiful part of our decor as well.  A tray is really my secret weapon! You can make a pretty arrangement in it, whisk it away for kids’ projects or game night, then easily bring it back.  A large bowl or flat basket could also form the base for your selections.  The main thing is, does the arrangement feel intentional?

I believe some essentials are…

coffee table tray

…something living, or faux flowers or plants that mimic live ones. A few stacked books help create interest by varying the height of your grouping. I’m a huge fan of vintage books. Stacks of beautiful look-books (they don’t call them “coffee table books” for nothing) add interest, build height, and hey, are great to READ.

silver tray with books

 Shop your house to work with items you have–pretty bowls, lanterns, candle holders, baskets, plants–and move them around until you have a grouping that pleases you. Bowls help corral remotes, too.
coffee table styling

Vary shapes, and maybe throw in a little metallic sheen.

coffee table styling

A game that’s also a graphic decor item could be a nice touch.

 Layer in a little wood, a little metal, a little china, a book–bingo! Just add flowers.
coffee table tray and flowers
Need some ideas?
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