I am so excited to share with you our July 4th party S’mores shopping list!

Maybe you’d like to throw a bash on the Fourth but the thought of all the prep…

Burgers and buns–check!



…AUGHHH, it’s just too exhausting!

But hey, take a step back. Release the burgerfest to someone else’s house!

fire pit kids

Why not invite everyone over for an evening S’MORES BAR around the fire pit! By the time everyone’s thoroughly sticky and stuffed with gooey goodness, it’ll be time to head to the park for fireworks.


Charcuterie may have begun as meat boards, but there are no limits now to the foods you can serve on a charcuterie board!

 I’m all in for nostalgic food, especially retro treats.

S’mores charcuterie board ideas

For our Festive Fourth picnic, s’mores seemed a fun treat to feature on a board.  I offered lots of options for my s’mores bar!

  • Chocolate
  • Retro candies
  • Flavored marshmallows and fruits
  • Cheeses
  • Graham and other crackers.

charcuterie s'moresSo, just add fire pit!

Now we’re ready to make a traditional or gourmet rendition of a s’more.

  • Do you have a favorite new s’more combination?
  • Or are you a stickler for tradition: nothing but graham cracker/marshmallow/chocolate bar?


I’d love to see your imaginative s’more ideas on my Facebook page.



july 4 picnic

COVID 19 may prevent our local fireworks crowds from gathering and keep our neighbors from joining us for backyard burgers this year. But there’s no need to cancel your family’s Fourth of July celebration!  What about a nostalgic family picnic featuring a colorful table, themed treats and a happy-go-lucky outdoor celebration?

july 4 picnic kids

Outdoor July 4 party ideas

We ALL feel like we’ve been at home way too much this spring, right?  Time to get out of the rut and out of the house, even if it’s simply out on your deck! Now, if you opt for patriotic paper goods and red and blue plastic bowls of chips to go with your hot dogs, there is no shame in easy and fun! Whoop it up! The important thing  is to celebrate our amazing country and each other!

setting july 4 table

I decided after a busy but claustrophobic late-winter-to-spring at home, I wanted to give my family a July 4th gathering in the great outdoors. I was aiming for something that felt like a cool coastal celebration, with a departure from backyard lawn chairs.

table setting july 4

July 4th party ideas table decorations

What a shame we can’t celebrate 4th of July in the mild springtime–the Texas summer heat can be brutal. To try to drop the temps a little, I drew inspiration for our picnic from beachy blues and white. The cool, coastal feel of my decorations brings to mind fresh ocean breezes. (See? You feel cooler already!)

table July 4

4th of July party ideas center pieces table settings

Without forgetting the red in a traditional Independence Day color scheme, I leaned more on sea-and-sky blues and white to set my table.  Dressing the table with a soft runner in mixed blues, I added blue and white china and light blue napkins.

july 4 table

Mini baskets of bright red cherries at each place bring in just that needed pop of red to the blue and white scheme. Vintage 4th of july decorations ideas

What do you think of a rustic wood picnic table with pretty table linens? You know me–I’ve got to have that vintage/new mix. As for using my pretty things for a picnic? Well, to me, a pretty presentation is part of what makes a special occasion special. So bust out your nice accessories now and then, even for a laid back event! What are you saving them for?

tble july 4

When it comes to setting a table, it’s always the right move to mix textures. I played the sheen of glassware and china against the weave of nubby textiles, and the grain of wood and basketry against the luster of gold flatware.  I love to experiment with table elements for the combo that makes me go “Ah…” ! Do you?

july 4 table

July 4th decorations outdoor party ideas: Embrace flag bunting

Now, it’s true I focused on seaside blues on my July 4th table, even using aqua candleholders to bring out the sky blue in the runner. But I did go with all-out flag colors for my drinks and treats table. There’s no mistaking the occasion for this celebration. From the patriotic bunting that trims the table to the retro red and blue sodas, it’s all about the good ol’ red, white and blue.

Vintage Glass Soda Bottles

Have you discovered retro Texas sodas? You may never be satisfied with your grocery store selection of sodas again! I picked up some Boylan red Shirley Temples and Lake Tahoe Blue Cream Soda from Hey Sugar Candy! in Waco.

retro sodas

My old-meets-new signature look shows up in the red distressed wood trencher dough bowl that holds our cookies and in the old crate for our sodas. Not to mention the 60’s red and white drink tray.

The simplest thing from your cupboard or the kids’ rooms can inject color and whimsy into your decorations.

  • A red sand pail for an ice bucket.
  • Brown craft paper and twine for place markers.
  • Old mason jars for flower vases.


And, so much gratitude to our friend and brilliantly talented photographer Chris at CJT Photography

table july 4

July 4 table centerpieces

Speaking of flowers, my arrangements always have an informal, just-picked look, but for a picnic, it seemed especially appropriate that they have that field-and-flower casual air to them.  I wanted the look to feel fresh and spontaneous, like “Here’s what was ready to cut in the garden today”.

I’m thinking it’s a childhood rite of passage to roast marshmallows for s’mores. To catch one on fire and blow it out? And to burn your finger or your tongue on a really toasty one? Or drop the perfect one into the fire? While it’s true that you can’t prevent all s’more mishaps, maybe you can help the little people a bit by pre-loading the marshmallows on skewers. I thought my skewers looked almost like sparklers sticking up out of that firecracker red pitcher.

july 4 treats

Why do we celebrate 4th of July?

We may think of the Fourth of July in terms of fireworks, American flag t-shirts and grilled hamburgers, but it’s called Independence Day for a reason. I hope kids still learn in school that July 4, 1776 is the date on our Declaration of Independence from Britain and marks the beginning of the United States of America.

july 4 picnic family

I hope you’ll have an opportunity to make some memories with loved ones this Independence Day.  For me, the sound of Joel’s guitar around the firepit, the ring of childish voices (and one that’s starting to change), with the sun shine dappling our shared table will be special July 4. I hope you enjoyed this post: Thank you so much for ready my July 4th Party S’mores shopping list!

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