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Kids Room Design Tips

Hold that thought!  But for today, let’s think about a topic that comes up often in consultation with clients–KIDS ROOM DESIGN! It can be problematic: they want the latest cartoon series characters or superhero on every surface, and you don’t want to have to redo the room in six months when their current favorite changes.  But there’s hope!  For some cool kids’ bedroom theme ideas, let’s look for inspiration to some real-life kids room designs I’ve done for myself and for clients.

Kids Room Design Tip #1: Avoid the too juvenile/too themed trap.

Judah’s love for all things sports dictated the decor of his early bunk room, but I nixed cartoon bed-in-a-bag solutions.  Instead, I used vintage pennants, photos, and jerseys along with coordinated-not-matched pillows and quilts to suggest the theme.  Although we moved from this house a couple years later, this vintage sports memorabilia-inspired decor easily transitioned to our new house and his preteen years.

Dallas Interior Designer Kid's Room decor

Kids Room Design Tip #2: Keep big ticket furniture neutral. It will adapt more easily to the next phase. 

The savvy preteen daughter of my client said, “I want a room I can grow into.” Listen up, parents–that’s great advice when you’re decorating a child’s room.  The white bed and chic bedside table will continue to look great when she’s a teen and beyond. So go easy on the themes, and bring in just a dose of your child’s favorite things with some accessories, some whimsy and some color.

rainbow unicorn kids room decor

Kids Room Design Tip #3: Choose multi-functional furniture.

For example, a bed with storage will be useful at any stage of a child’s life. In this room I designed, the bed could suit any age, but then I chose the cute and colorful accessories just for the young girl whose room this is.

girls bedroom decor

(Remember, nursery furniture is not used for long, so opt for cribs that convert to big-kid beds. For a changing table, consider using a student desk to which you’ve fastened a changing pad. The drawers can hold diapers and supplies.  Later, your child will have a desk when he needs it. Also, a neutral upholstered nursery rocker could find a new home in your den after baby-cuddling days.)

Kids Room Decorating Tip #4: A bold paint or wallpaper accent wall gives big impact and is easy to change. 

dallas designer accent wall wallpaper

 When it comes to kids room paint ideas, white or light neutral paint will give you GREAT STAYING POWER and MORE OPTIONS FOR EASY CHANGES down the road. But! Having said that, paint is also the cheapest change you can make in a room, so try out some bolder schemes if you want!

Kids Room Decorating Tip #5: Plan for storage. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed: kids have STUFF.  Giving them places to easily stow it away will help prevent meltdowns (yours AND theirs) when it comes time to clean up. Whether it’s a reconfigured closet, or built-in or wall-hung shelves, make sure there’s a place for all their Important Things.

kid room playroom
When you’re ready to bump the kid’s room re-do up the priority list, let’s talk!

kid bedroom before    After Pink Girl's Bedroom

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