The kitchen is one room in the house that is entirely functional. Since it is the heart of the dwelling, it must be presentable and stylish. That is to say, your home decor is not complete if your kitchen design is not up to the mark. 

And when it comes to choosing interior design ideas for kitchen remodel, there are plenty of directions to go in. If you are looking for kitchen trends 2020 to add some subtle yet modern changes to your kitchen space, you can do it with some natural elements and the occasional pop of color.  

You may have carefully picked each appliance, piece of equipment, and planned the kitchen design. But know that there are some unique ways you can get your dip toes into the trendy colors without messing up the whole farm house style kitchen aesthetic. 

If your kitchen is of a true fixer-upper that was famous decades ago, or it has once-trendy linoleum flooring and laminate countertops, it is the right time to upgrade the outdated kitchen.  Here we have outlined some trendy ideas that showcase creative uses functional design, colors, and vintage inspired interior to help you revamp your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Transformation Ideas


  • Add Layers of Natural Elements


Natural elements such as rustic designs can never go out of style, especially when you are transforming your farm house style kitchen. So if you want to layer in natural elements, add “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” items. 

Eco-friendly design is all the rage as you can see them popping up frequently. Many interior designers recommend green solutions for shelving and cabinets. You can consider bringing in handmade tiles made of materials such as terra-cotta. 

Try cement-made objects to add aesthetics and soul to your cooking space. It is undeniably a great idea whether or not you choose to switch over to a modern farmhouse style vibe.


  • Upgrade Your Countertop 


When it comes to upgrading countertops, there is no better option than quartz.  The material not only looks super classy but also has become a low-maintenance and affordable alternative to marble. 

However, there are several new trends and ideas to accessorize countertops. Some of them include a vintage plate rack that posses a unique antique feel and displays a conventional decor. Metal and hardware finishes keep pushing the envelope and nickel, brass, and matte black are no exception. 

Many removable wallpaper firms have made choosing modern design easier by experimenting with backsplashes and patterns on countertops. 

That means you don’t need to stick with inconvenient, cheap, or tile-and-grout vinyl for your workspace. If quartz countertops are not your type, you have endless options from natural stone to solid surfacing comprise polymers and resin. 

If you want your kitchen decor to look classy and chic in your food photography, opt for heavy-duty structural materials to complement pictures. Add tiles, brick, and concrete to your list.


  • Incorporate Kitchen Larders


 Kitchen Larders are not a new concept.  But they have transformed completely. 

Initially, there used to be a separate room in the house for preserving and storing foods (remember: refrigerators before the invention of refrigerators).

The kitchen larders have transformed into a separate stand-alone pantry or cupboard. Although they can come in various sizes, people prefer them to be large enough to store their majority of dry goods. Kitchen larders are a great way to make your kitchen space look organized.  They not only add to your kitchen design but also take up a minimal amount of space. 

Forget sub-in counter-top cabinets and or add stylish doors to your enclosed pre-existing shelving.


  • Don’t Forget to Add Seating


There is no denying that your kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the home. In fact, it is one of those places where family and friends are likely to gather and congregate. 

Your modern kitchen can readily embrace this by incorporating seating into the cooking space. Whether you want to opt for countertop seats at your breakfast bar, or a bench or a banquette at a window-side area, having a seating arrangement can give your kitchen an innovative appeal.

If you try to see it from a different angle, you will discover that’s seats around the counter can make mom life quite easier. Busy moms can monitor their kids while cooking. Families can entertain their friends when finishing kitchen chores. In short, Seating is essential in your upgraded and modern kitchen.


  • Invest in Energy Efficient with Appliances


If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, your outmoded kitchen appliances make the perfect place to start. 

If upgraded kitchen appliance is your idea of a modern kitchen, make sure to opt for energy-efficient devices. You will not only get a fresh look but also will be able to save energy and water. And that makes a good deal for the planet and your electricity bills.

Consider replacing fixtures, including low-flow kitchen faucets to save water.  Keep in mind that updating the kitchen should not only for improving aesthetics; however, it must be an all-time solution to save the Earth’s resources and your money.


  • Revamp Your Flooring 


Flooring is one area that many people overlook when transforming their kitchen. However, flooring plays a significant role in taking the kitchen’s look to the whole new level. If the material of your flooring is what makes your kitchen look outdated, try swapping out from your customary rolled linoleum or vinyl flooring to timeless and resilient material.  

What about stones, wood, and tile?

These materials look super cool and last longer than traditional floorings.  Not only this, but it also boosts the value of your house. You can try incorporating some more ideas for the innovative look of your flooring. Ceramic tiles, for instance, have gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years because they mimic the original look of travertine, hardwood, and slate.


  • Debunk the idea of Upper Cabinetry


Many people used to build outdated and traditional kitchens with wall to wall upper cabinetry to store cookware and house dishes. 

Often, this cabinetry takes up the entire view and makes the whole kitchen look crowded. If you are looking for ideas that can open up the kitchen space and don’t have any room to go outwards, consider eliminating the upper cabinets. The idea is great to free up the walls, allowing for present open shelves with dishware and decorative items.



  • Add in More Colors


If replacing cabinetry seems an expensive option, you can try several savvy solutions.  

Staining and painting existing cabinetry of the kitchen is a fantastic option for many homeowners who have a low budget. You can choose bold and vibrant blue or any dark, chic color to finish or cover up old-fashioned wood. Black is a new trendy hue to get rid of dingy colored cabinetry of yesteryear. 

From stains to paint glazes to distressing doors, you’d be surprised to see how some painting with some little elbow grease will entirely transform your cabinetry.


  • Install Lighting 


Installing new lights is an absolute must thing to do if you want to complete the modernized transformation of your kitchen. Opt for some modern illumination sources to ensure the ambiance, versatility, and safety of your kitchen. 

What about installing dimmer switching for versatility while cooking, entertaining, or just relaxing for your midnight snack?  Some other updated lighting sources include pendant, cabinet lighting, and chandeliers to illuminate countertops and kitchen islands.

What Else!

Whether you have a plan to stay in your home for a long time or you want to sell it, the given ideas are great for your modern kitchen transformation. Moreover, to add an extraordinary appeal to your kitchen, decorate it with artwork and plants. Your modern kitchen must have lots of built-in shelves that showcase a variety of kitchenware, vases, and flowers to make it a cooking space you have always dreamt of.