Sure, we’ve all got tubs and tubs of Christmas decorations, even plenty of fall and Fourth of July cuteness to perk up our spaces.  But how can we put a little LOVE in our homes during February’s last gasp of winter? I’m glad you asked!
Farmhouse Cozy Living Room Ellis County Texas

Farmhouse living Room

Now, I like sign art, and I like to find ways to integrate it into my home.  Maybe your reminder to act lovingly won’t be as direct as mine, but the bold letters are a fun touch of their own, just the same.  Other things I love in this room: the fresh flowers, the high shelves for rotating displays (seasonal plus Ones Inside My Head), and the mix of graphic pillows with sassy floral ones!  Oh, and NATURAL LIGHT–nothing helps shake winter doldrums like opening up the curtains, shades or shutters and flooding a space with sunlight. Try it and see what a mood lifter sunshine is!
Rustic Vintage Interior design, modern vintage, antique style sitting area

Rustic Vintage Mantle

Gotta love a fireplace. A fireplace (even a faux one, like this one of ours) invites you to gather ’round it with your special someone, a hot drink, and a cozy throw. Leave the phones in the other room.  Put your feet up. Talk to each other.
This is what home is for. Amazing, right?
Rustic Vintage Interior design, modern vintage, antique style g

Charming Vintage Bookshelf

Just displaying family treasures, photos, even the family initial–is a signal to your dear ones that they are special to you and that your family is at the core of who you are.  The pretty, on-trend items from the hobby store are great, but don’t forget the personal touches.
Dallas, Ellis County Texas, Rustic Vintage Interior design, modern vintage, antique style farmhouse master bedroom

Farmhouse Light and Bright Bedroom

While you’re at it, show a little love to yourself by creating a laundry room that makes laundry less of a chore. Why not paint walls and cabinets, add some fun signage, lay a new floor and/or install a sink or folding counter? You’ll thank yourself!
Laundry Room Ideas, Laundry Room Decor

Laundry Room Decor

 You can show love to your loved ones all year by loving acts AND thoughtful, comfortable touches in your home. Then when the “official” love day arrives, go ahead and pull out all the stops and PARTY ON!
Valentine's Day Decor, Farmhouse Kitchen Dallas Ellis County

Valentine’s Day Decor

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